Parkrun for the open water

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Important swim news !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

FYI: The band is only £10.

I guess the success will depend on the number of venues and whether or not race times clash with general open sessions.

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Modelling on the hugely successful Parkrun format of free 5K run events across the UK, NOWCA, the UK’s National Open Water Coaching Association, has launched NOWCASwim – which offers ‘free open water swimming in a safe monitored environment’.

Starting in April 2017, this 400m weekly event is free for NOWCA Safety wristband holders and will be run UK-wide at the majority of the organisation’s approved open water venues. According to NOWCA, these include some of the most beautiful and iconic waters in the world.

After joining NOWCA, members receive their own personal safety and timing wristband. This can be purchased online or at a local NOWCA lake. Once the customer has a NOWCA Safety wristband, they simply turn up and register for a NOWCASwim event at their chosen venue. After the race, the athlete will receive an email with a swim result and a link to the website and login page where the result will be posted.

According to NOWCA, this latest development is ‘fantastic news for anyone wishing to try open water swimming for the first time, through to more experienced swimmers looking to use this 400m event to train and track results.’

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