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Food enthusiast and newbie triathlete, Annabelle Randles loves cooking all type of cuisines and experimenting with flavours, herbs and spices. French carnivore by birth, she is now a leading writer on the flexitarian way of cooking with coverage in Lifehacker, The Guardian and The Independent – to name a few.

Her website,, was one of the founding blogs on the flexitarian way of eating; which is a plant-based diet with the occasional addition of meat to deliver Personal Health, Animal Welfare & Environmental benefits.

Athletes in search of the fabled ‘marginal gains’ often neglect diet. Sure, we all know about hydration, protein, carbohydrates and fat but we perhaps don’t always translate that knowledge into sensible actions on our diets. Perhaps a little less fat from red meat and a full range of micro nutrients from eating proper, fresh food can give you some of those marginal gains?


If Annabelle wants to keep writing and you want to keep reading what she writes then I guess this could become a longstanding thing with regular contributions.

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