Forerunner 935 / 635 ‘leak’ – not very interesting. Not the 930XT. Not quite anyway.


Well today I have the choice of boring you with either my impending migration of this site from ‘somewhere’ to ‘somewhere else’ OR with the latest ‘leak’ of the impending/possible release of Garmin’s Forerunners 635 & 935. The former is probably more interesting as I could speculate about a server farm somewhere in gloriously rural Ireland being closed as my stuff gets moved to somewhere in the New Forest. I think. Actually I’m not too sure quite where it is going. You never know with this internet-thing. It could be anywhere.

Themes? Would that grab your attention? WordPress themes and how they work ‘somewhere’ but not ‘somewhere else’?

OK, sorry. Thought not. I’ll get on with it now. But this is seriously inconvenient timing as I REALLY do have a migration thing going on today that will undoubtedly go wrong (I used to be in IT and specialised in ‘things going wrong’)

Appelmoessite has again leaked some information on the Forerunner 635 and Forerunner 935. Presumably the upgrade-cum-replacement to the Forerunner 630 and the replacement of the Forerunner 920XT respectively. You might as well click that link now as the rest of this post is not going to get much more exciting, honest (maybe).

It’s really NOT what you think. Think ‘something exciting’ and then sit down and have a cocoa.

The Fenix 5? Well that was exciting. At least I thought so. Same principle: ‘think of something exciting’. BUT THEN explode it with pyrotechnics and have a trendy, gin-fuelled party.

To the point. I really will get on with it now.

635/935: They’re both round with 5 buttons. Eur/$/£500ish perhaps announced at the end of February. Sorted.

Like the Fenix 5 but with no bolt heads showing. Not like the 735XT. Something about there not being a barometric altimeter.

But the most exciting piece of info? An all-black 935 option. Design genius. How on earth did Garmin come up with that colour scheme? A: market research and the blindingly obvious. Although, I suppose that Batman would have liked Black OR very, very dark grey/gray. Garmin haven’t done very, very dark grey/gray. Shame. I’d have bought it.

It does look good. But in an unexpectedly round sort of way. I can, however, confirm that the guy/girl who did the Blue/Black 920XT a couple of years ago did NOT get sacked and s/he has managed to sneak in a yellow and black version. Sigh. Really?!

I have seen a picture but it could be fake.

Anyway, the link to the leaked info is *UP* there. where it says ‘Appelmoessite’. Click and be happy.

(Here) is my link to pure, rampant speculation about the 935 which I posted quite a while ago…it’s really a LOT more interesting. Although quite possibly factually wrong at every turn and you’ve probably already read it if you are into this sort of stuff, so don’t click it.

OK you got this far. Sorry. I did make it QUITE CLEAR it was not very interesting. I’m actually a bit angry as I wanted a rectangular one 🙁


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4 thoughts on “Forerunner 935 / 635 ‘leak’ – not very interesting. Not the 930XT. Not quite anyway.

  1. And so…. what’s the (real) difference between Fenix 5(S) and the 935? Lack of barometer? And the 735?

    1. same name, same look/feel just different software behind the scene
      it’s done. i’m there. here.
      ( was the old one but it was always mapped to

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