How to Activate Your Glutes Before Running

In the video below, I demonstrate one of my favourite gluteal activation exercises you can use right before your next run to help switch those all-important butt muscles on!

For many of us who sit behind a desk all day at work, or find ourselves in similar sedentary positions for hours on end, glute weakness and inhibition is a real problem. For many reasons, such as helping to control the position of our knees as we run, and providing stability for the low back, we need to learn to switch these butt muscles on more effectively.

The good news is that there are some simple exercises we can use before we run to ‘wake-up’ this important muscle group, so we are more likely to benefit from effective glute engagement as we run. Here’s one such exercise:

Prepare Your Butt Muscles for Running

I’m all for being efficient with the limited time many of us have for the various complimentary exercises that keep us running injury-free, and this exercise fits-in well with that philosophy.

This resistance band drill targets both the gluteus maximus and gluteus medius muscles at once, providing great bang for the buck!

If you’re interested in learning more time-effective ways of targeting muscles like the gluteal muscles to develop a stronger more efficient running stride, check-out this free programme: Transform Your Running: 30 Day Challenge

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