Lezyne Enhanced Micro C GPS – First Thoughts

Lezyne Enhanced Micro C GPSI first stumbled across Lezyne with their SUPER GPS cycling computer back in 2015. That really is a SUPER little device that I like a lot. It’s a bit quirky in an endearing kind of way, whilst still being solidly made. Simplistically you’d say it was for mountain bikers. For me it’s my back pocket backup unit that runs for longer than my other stuff.

So along a similar vein  we have the recently released Lezyne Enhanced Micro C GPS. The ‘C’ is for colour. I thought to myself “Surely it’s just the same as the SUPER GPS but with a colour screen?”

How wrong could I be !!

First up it’s smaller. The ‘Micro’ wording in its name gave that one away! 🙂

Secondly it’s a wrist watch. Sort of. It’s gone a bit old skool by being able to be bike-mounted or wrist-worn. Yet its old skool in a novel way. Really it’s a bike watch that can be worn on the wrist. That sounds a bit crazy. But it seems to work.

Sure it’s thick and chunky but against that you can read ‘good battery life and solidly made’. If you ride MTBs in places that bikes seldom go and if you run in similar such environments then you might start paying closer attention to the Micro C.

Lezyne Micro Watch Review Additional Coverage of C, GPS, Macro, Mini, Super Variants

It’s got an unusual vibration and audible tone – yet I suspect (but haven’t yet tried) that you might actually hear or feel it when bouncing along a gravel path at break-neck speed.

I’d NEVER wear it as a day-to-day watch if I owned one (this is a loan device) but it certainly does ‘turn heads’ and attract interest if you want that sort of thing. OK it might attract interest from other MTBers of the same sex, rather than the opposite sex, but in a ‘cool gadget’ kind of way that, probably, only MTBers know about.



  • Turn-by-turn navigation
  • Live Tracking and Strava segments
  • Heart Rate*: Current, Average, Max.
  • Cadence*: Current, Average
  • Power* (6 data display options)
  • Electronic drivetrain data
  • Speed: Current, Average, Max.
  • Distance: Current, Trip Total, Trip 2, Odometer
  • Time: Ride Time, Clock
  • Date
  • Laps and lap averages
  • Elevation: Ascent, Descent, Current
  • Grade
  • Calories
  • Temperature
  • GPS signal strength + GLONASS
  • Battery life indicator for device and paired peripherals
  • Connected devices icons
  • Bread crumb trail page


This looks REALLY interesting. It seems to have just about every common metric I’d normally need. Its for running and cycling and has TBT navigation, STRAVA segments and Live Tracking. It’s obviously YET ANOTHER activity tracker that connects to your smartphone. It’s ANT+ and BTLE..

So all those features must be, what?, £250 to £350? Maybe a tad more if they are taking the Mick?

Well there’s a non-colour version for about £/SEur130. (ONE hundred and thirty) See Amazon flag links, below, not fully listed in Amazon yet.

The Amazon algorithm may have gone a bit crazy as it’s now up to £400 (22Feb17)

It looks well-priced.This post is NOT A REVIEW NOR A RECOMMENDATION. I’ll come to that next week maybe and investigate some of the features in a bit more depth. The only notable and apparent drawbacks are unusual looks (I quite like it) and a small screen. YET the usable display area is VERY SIMILAR to a Fitbit Surge or a TomTom Adventurer (latter, as shown in the image above).

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4 thoughts on “Lezyne Enhanced Micro C GPS – First Thoughts

  1. Don’t be that clickbait-y guy.

    Title: “Bargain of the Century?”


    1. Point taken and changes made to reflect your comment.
      I shall write in boring corporate-report-speak from now on 🙂 … maybe
      the original title was “New Lezyne mega device saves baby AND guides rocket to the moon”

      1. Haha, doesn’t have to be boring — I actually like the “original title” of “mega device [that] saves babies”. The “bargain of the century” comment seemed serious and click-bait-y — unless you actually believed that.

        Either way, appreciate and like what you do — but don’t mind calling you out once in a while :).

      2. it did seem a great deal tbh. but then your comment made me realise I was just comparing to garmin prices!! eg polar v650 is in a similar ballpark (although different device). yeah call me out…actually it’s good to have all kinds of feedback and i’m actually surprised that everyone is so polite!!! (unlike some forums). I guess this is ‘my home’ so people behave as guests? dunno

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