TomTom – New app, New Band. Similarly functioned app, similarly functioned band.

TomTom TouchTomTom today announced a new variant on their band product The TomTom TOUCH. This is the “cardio” version released in March at about $/Eur/£90. The Version released last year was the “TomTom Touch Cardio + Body Composition” ie last year’s was the fat/muscle tracker and this announcement is for the same product but without the fat/muscle feature.

The TomTom Touch Cardio monitors your heart rate, tracks your steps, calories burned, sleep and active time. Heart rate monitoring adds to a more accurate calculation of calorie burn, measures the true intensity of your efforts, and provides insight about your fitness level.

I would like to see sales figures on the “TomTom Touch Cardio + Body Composition (2016)”  I didn’t think that would sell too well BUT the Amazon prices today (6Feb) are still holding up to the same level as when released and possibly proving me wrong. ie the consistent price suggests that they ARE selling.

Without the unique ‘Fat and ‘Muscle’ functionality I suspect that TomTom is offering a generically functioned band perhaps most likely to be purchased by those already using a TomTom product either as a ‘tracker’ device to support a Spark 3/Runner 3/Adventurer – or as a gift.

Also ‘doing the rounds’ today is the formal marketing blurb supporting the recent and welcomed the announcement of the newly updated “TomTom Sports App” that being the renamed, rebuilt and enhanced version of the previous MySports version. Their new app is not especially newsworthy as it brings their app up to similar standards offered by competitive vendors. Don’t get me wrong; it does look good, just nothing too different in it from other stuff that’s out there. Being positive, it will hopefully prove to be a good platform on which to build more inspiring functionality and host data from exciting new hardware.

Images Source: From the earlier TomTom Touch Cardio + Body Composition review.




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