Fame at last

I was recently ‘interviewed’ online, I think it’s something to do with a gym/sports company called Accuro.

Below is the start of their transcript and if you want to read on there is a link at the end of it to the external source which I think then tries to make you aware of gym equipment or something like that.

It’s a series of ‘expert’ interviews so I guess I’ll have to start listening to what I have to say. Or something like that.


Tell us a bit about your background. Why did you decide to start a fitness blog?

I have always been sporty and I have a work background in marketing, corporate IT, and entrepreneurial IT. I currently have a few “jobs” – some speculative that don’t pay a salary, and one that does. I run the blog anonymously in a vain attempt to keep some professional credibility with my “proper” job’s clients. Sleep is for wimps!

I was going through a 5k phase in my sporting life and started a blog by accident. I wanted to help people achieve similar goals to mine. It then all got out of hand and morphed into triathlons and gadgets, which seem to have become two of my new passions in life.

What are some of the newest gadgets or technological fitness advancements that you are the most excited about right now?

Some people get excited about lots and lots of features on a device. I don’t. I get excited about weird things. Here are some of them.

First, I would say “beauty.” Most sports devices have been plain ugly, and while they were “technically” designed to be worn all the time, I just couldn’t wear them. Examples of good looking ones now would be Suunto’s SPARTAN, Garmin’s new Fenix 5, and Polar’s A360.

Secondly, I would say “connectivity.” I love the many clever devices and apps that can be integrated into Garmin’s sports ecosystem, such as STRYD and XERTonline. But it’s also connectivity through smartphones. I used to deliberately use an old smartphone when testing devices, and (apart from Fitbit) very few would work. I gave up on that as it wasted too much time, yet I still find problems pairing even with the latest Garmins. Hopefully, we will see the advent of AndroidWear2.0 very soon which should bring proper and consistent connectivity with our Android devices – kind of like the Apple Watch but cheaper.

Thirdly, I get excited about things to do with measuring heart rate, and that includes optically measuring it in clever places (wrist/ear) as well as measuring it in special ways through HRV. It sounds a bit geeky, but newish products like WHOOP (Review) could revolutionize the training regimens of half-decent athletes (as well as elite ones) by enabling them to better understand how to adapt to the exercise they plan to do using HRV.

Read more (here).

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  1. Congratulations and well wishes for the fame to take on a snowball effect. You are one of the few places I visit that I feel the information given is factually and honestly. No slant, just an opinion based on the material at hand.

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