5k Socks: My most expensive pair ever

Compressport R2 Calf Guard Review
Compressport R2 Calf

That’s 5k running socks and not £5k (£5,000) for a pair of socks. Still £30 is a fair old investment in a pair of compression socks for veino recovery…or something similarly named like that. It’s amazing how we will spend so much money on a gadget that may do so little. Or it might do quite a lot!

Anyway I have just invested in another new Eur35 pair of compressport (review) compression calf sleeves (on that grounds that I have to wash them less than the sock equivalent!). Now, if that can stop my cramps or boost my 5k time by 10 secs I’ll be happy. I’ve got a PB attempt scheduled in for the next month so we will see what happens. If I do manage a PB, will it be the training or the new pair of running flats? the gait analysis or the socks.! Probably the former but it is always good to have gadgets and pandering.

I could have got the exact same pair of socks of ebay for £27 and a bit cheaper on Amazon but Tim at compressport was very nice and helpful and it’s always best to buy direct from the source, I think, if the price is not too bad.

Then again I’ll probably be down to the old folks shop-mobility for a beige pair that the OAPs use to keep their bits in. It’s probably the same technology but just not anywhere near as good looking. Hey wait a minute these things aren’t even good looking. I’m getting carried away. Must be time to go to bed!

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2 thoughts on “5k Socks: My most expensive pair ever

  1. I used to use these, but found they ended up restricting the movement of my calf and actually caused them to hurt whilst running, I still wear them on occasion after an event.

    1. they’re my ‘just-in-case’ sock. anything to avoid injury. they seem to possibly have a minor benefit. one way they are supposedly meant to improve performance is to stop ‘muscle wobble’, focussing the energy into more productive movements. I’d normally say to gadget evangelists “show me the pro’s who use them in the Olympics”…i’m not sure about track and field but they are banned in ITU triathlons (well they used to be, I need to check for when you head off to Penticton)

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