micoach…miretirement – adidas does the obvious with Runtastic

adidas acquired Runtastic a while back for ‘a lot of money’. Consequently it’s no surprise that adidas miCoach users are now being shunted over to Runtastic.

I’ve looked into apps quite a bit over the years and, surprisingly, the miCoach app was probably WAY ahead of its time and actually functionally rich. It had some drawbacks but it was one of the best. At the time, the problem was a lack of people buying the adidas hardware (which was also good in its day) ie a lack of users – a perennial problem. So what do you do if you have insufficient users but lots of money? A: Buy some users.

PS: adidas is not capitalised at the start, now you know. Although I think micoach is really miCoach, but that just gets too complicated, as you can see on the reverse of the miCoach device (see image).


——– adidas announcement info below complete with original https://the5krunner.com/uncategorized/adidas-buys-runtastic/spelling mistakes  —————


As an important member of our miCoach community, we want you to be the first to know that we won’t be developing our existing web site and Train & Run app any longer. All services will end on 31 Dec 2018. But, we also have some really great news…

With Runtastic joining the adidas family, we’re excited to be able to offer you a FREE PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP to their platform and apps to help you keep your training on track – and make 2017 your fittest year yet. Get started by setting a running goal – whether it’s weight loss, running a certain distance, or getting stronger and faster – and we’ll keep you motivated to reach it.

From training plans to GPS workout-tracking to voice coaching, Runtastic has tons of awesome features and millions of active users already.

One of our favorite features is “Story Runs” – think of it like a podcast optimized for running so you can never use “boredom” as an excuse to skip a run again. We’re also loving the Running Leaderboard – it’ll spark some #healthycompetition by letting you see who has run the furthest this week or month. And you’re definitely going to want to get your friends in on the live cheering feature so you can receive messages from them during your next workout or race.

Ready to get started? Click the button below to get your enrollment to Runtastic started. If you accept, we’ll even transfer your personal data and workout history over from miCoach so you don’t lose any of your important stats.

If you would like to know more information on why we are doing this, what this means for you and what data will be transferred, click HERE.


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  1. What a pity. I really like Adidas miCoach. The Smart Run device was far ahead of his time and there are no competitors on the market regarding the training plans options. Very disappointed…

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