Stages Power Meters & Accessories – Now 10% off Now Available online

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10% Discount Coupon ‘the5krunner10’ or 10% store credit with Garmin

For those of you looking at STAGES for a crank-based power meter solution you can now buy them online AND you can get 10% off with the Power Meter City code: the5krunner10.

Stages have held off from dealing through online channels for longer than most of their competitors. There are now selected online dealers offering them.

The 5KNOV 10% coupon code also works with STAGES accessories and indeed with most other non-Garmin power meter products on their site.

Prices start from: $529.99 less  a discount of 10% = $476.99 +taxes and shipping, as appropriate

I’d definitely consider STAGES as a single-sided crank PM option. Perhaps consider ROTOR for a dual sided crank PM solution especially if you use their Q-Rings and perhaps consider BePRO pedals for dual-sided or single-sided power pedals. The cheapest way into power is with the POWERPOD.

changing a single crank or a couple of pedals REALLY is EASY once you’ve done it a few times – super handy if you have more than one bike.

INFO: Stages Cycling specializes in left-side crankarm-based power meters. They offer models that fit nearly every crankset including road, track, MTB and downhill. Here are some highlights:

  • $500-$650 range (most units)
  • +/- 2.0% accuracy (industry norm)
  • 20 grams added weight
  • ANT+ and Bluetooth SMART compatible
  • 200 hours of battery life


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