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The Foundations of Heart Rate Variability course enrolment is closing in March. There’s a discount code if you want to sign up to it (Coupon code ‘TFK’). This could be an interesting course if you’ve ever wanted to take your use of HRV to the next level.

As you may be aware, the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) is a key player in your health and performance and one of the primary contributors to Heart Rate Variability. The problem is there are dozens of values that fall under the umbrella of “HRV” and dozens of devices/apps/systems that measure it one way or another.

The course presents a logical progression from the ground up on the key science and mechanisms underlying HRV, as well as how to actually use this powerful biomarker in real-world situations. It is completely app/platform neutral, so whichever platform you use, you’ll have a much clearer path forward.

The curriculum is said to be geared towards health professionals, coaches, trainers, and even athletes who want to quantify and improve their own systemic condition.

As mentioned, it’s closing soon and is not open often:

Use coupon code “tfk” to get 10% off at checkout.


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FTC: Affiliate Disclosure: All links pay commission
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I can confirm the android app is (still) free… Been shifting around hard sessions around it and seems to work…


I dont use a chest strap everyday. And yet i regularly forget to take off the Polar strap I use with Elite HRV when i am up and then go running with a Suunto watch… and since i am too lazy to pair that strap on that watch i basically end up runnning with a piece of “junk” on me…. Indeed we need an optical HRV…. sigh….