STRYD: Improved Data Field Power Averages

SHFT.RUN stryd garmin footpod
The old Garmin Footpod

The newly improved STRYD IQ Data Field can be easily configured via Garmin Express  (manage apps>click on the 3 dots) to allow: 3 second average power; 10 second average power; 30 second average power; Lap average power; and Overall average power

Download or update the IQ data field; (here)

A nice improvement from STRYD.

  1. The same functionality needs to be introduced natively by Garmin ASAP
  2. I’m assuming you can’t display two of these data fields – I do that regularly when cycling. I personally, probably, wouldn’t do this when running, but others probably would. Perhaps there is some way to introduce a differently named but otherwise identical data field for that purpose?

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