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More changes with some guest contributions from Wilson who founded in the UK to ‘Hack the Flow State


Wilson trains professional athletes and was himself a British MMA champion

You may also have come across his excellent series of youtube videos or his twitter feed @cwmeloncelli.

So “What’s he doing here then?“. I would imagine that to be an MMA champion you need a certain degree of mental toughness and resilience. Do you need those characteristics to be a champion runner or to be a champion triathlete or perhaps even to be a BETTER runner or to be a BETTER triathlete?

In my time perusing HRV-related literature one, of the areas that I did not particularly delve deeper into was the performance benefits from meditative-type activities. Those performance benefits seemed to exist from what I could gather. Wilson will no doubt expand on that WAY beyond my level of understanding.

If he wants to keep writing and you want to keep reading what he writes then I guess this could become a longstanding thing.


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