*UK* & US: Garmin Fenix 5 // 5x // 5s – Generally Shipping NOW – 5x limited

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Garmin Fenix 5
Clickable to item on Amazon UK

The Fenix 5, 5s and 5x are now generally shipping in most countries.

The 5 and 5s are now shipping from Amazon in the UK and all of the 5x, 5 and 5s from Power Meter City in the USA – if you buy through links to those stores, below, you support this blog in a small way. Thank you.

As of 17March there are still a few select anomalies where, for example, the 5x is only available in the UK at selected stores, well, Cotswold! (Check return policy, no affiliation to this blog edit: 20mar they are down to pre-order only now as well). The 5x will soon be at Amazon…just wait!

There is 10% off most stuff at Power Meter City with the coupon / discount / promo code: the5krunner10. HOWEVER It will not work for the Fenix 5 as cashback it will only work as 10% store credit. Sorry. That will be at list-price everywhere for some time, plus Garmin frown upon discounting in any case while products are under “MAP“. Occasionally some naughty resellers do discount but then get into trouble. Tut, tut.

For other countries please click on the flags (top right) there will be links there to the Fenix 5


power meter city
Clicks through to Fenix 5 at PMC


Garmin Fenix 5X
Best Amazon/REI/Wiggle/PMC price is linked to. Prices are about Eur700/$620/£530 and will stay around that level until 2019 but sale prices will come and go. Buying from my partners supports this site.
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No silver/granites to be found on earth.


So the 5x is available at power meter city?


Any thoughts on sapphire glass vs regular? I’d prefer the 5 with the silver bezel, but it doesn’t come with a sapphire option. The black bezel (with sapphire) seems a bit too dark of a combo for my taste.


My pre-ordered Fenix 5x through Cotswold arrived today. I am far more excited about tomorrow’s run that I should be over a clever piece of kit.


I still haven’t received mine from Cotsworld….


I’m a little confused how power meter city gets the fenix 5x before amazon….So you are saying that fenix 5x is shipping when you purchase of their website and you are not pre ordering it when purchasing the fenix 5x?



Thanks for the reply! My brother contacted PMC on Sunday and did an order over the phone with the manager. The manager said that my brother was a lucky guy and was able to snag the very last one they had in stock and will be shipping it out along with the the preorder ones within this week I believe and people should be getting their 5x within the week depending on their logistics. Thanks again for the reply and news. They are certainly flying off the shelves for sure 🙂


Hahaha! That would drive me nuts as a store manager, but I was checking on the east coast and nothing and then my brother called PMC and Josh was awesome! Great teamwork on all parts! My brother and I will give you and PMC a good shout out later! Thanks for all the help and up to date information 🙂

Roy Cruse

I placed an order with Cotswold here in the UK on the 22nd March and am now starting my waiting process… I would love to hear what days others ordered and recieved theirs…