SHFT IQ – v2 now taking orders on Kickstarter

SHFT RUNI had a close look at SHFT v1.0 in a recent review (here).

An updated version is now listed on Kickstarter at US$59 and, if you can wait, you can get a discounted model when they first come out of production.

The SHFT IQ (v2) comes with re-vamped and more powerful innards with the incorporation of an Intel processor.

Much of the number crunching and clever algorithms will thus be resident on the pod rather than, as at present, on the app.

The new version is a one-pod solution which can be worn on either the foot or chest.


  • Landing Position
  • Steps Per Minute
  • Ground Contact Time
  • Time In Air
  • Landing Angle
  • Toe-off Angle
  • Steps Length
  • G-landing
  • Watt
  • Running Efficiency
  • Brake Effect
  • Body Bounce
  • Body Angle

If  you can’t wait then you can get the existing version now either directly from the manufacturer using the discount code below or from Amazon.

Best Amazon price is linked to. Prices likely to fall slightly from $199/Eu205/£185 into 2019. Buying from Amazon supports this site.

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