Garmin Forerunner 935 : More Chaos In Marketing Asset Security – Czech Out This advert !!

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After graduating from Oxford with a double first and then completing a Harvard MBA, internationally renowned marketer Maddie McMadeup gave us her in-depth opinions on Garmin’s integrated Marcomms campaign for the Forerunner 935 (the 920XT replacement)

Here are her comments in full:



Source: Apparently triathlete magazine, image clicks through to source

PS: Love the ad, probably will love the watch, it’s just the timing of the ad for an unreleased product that’s funny. I was going to write ‘unannounced’ but, ahem, there is SO much info that we’ve had a de-facto announcement.

WARNING: It could be photoshopped.

WARNING: Garmin could have got masterful coverage from one single ad by doing this intentionally. Maybe it’s all part of Baldrick cunning plan to master the dark arts of marketing? Or it could be a c*ck-up. Or, even more likely, it’s the way the print schedules worked out (a similar thing happened before if I remember).

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FTC: Affiliate Disclosure: All links pay commission
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