Forerunner 935 again – video this time (taken down by Garmin Italy)

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source; Garmin Italy – it won’t be there when you check

Here we go again.

So the Forerunner 935 is very vey very very close.

Hint Garmin tend to announce on Tuesday or Thursday.

THURSDAY 30th …maybe

Don’t get excited tho. It could just be the ‘enix 5’ crossed out and added instead ‘orerunner 935’ written over the top of what might be essentially the same product other than a few nuances.

Garmin. Please. Release it. We all know it’s coming. Get the info out there so we can start drooling.

I remember being super excited about the 920XT and amazed at what it did. AND it got better.


Thank you ScottB.


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Michl (@feuzanbo)

check this out:

Either somebody screwed up the embargo or it’s clickbait to draw ad money with a made up product.

Michl (@feuzanbo)

Aaaaand video:

Posted over a month ago but somehow it’s flown under the radar (169 views as of this writing)


Relevant video about subject:


Hidden Forerunner 935 video