Suunto Spartan Sport WHR – new firmware grrr v1.8.26

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Suunto Spartan Sport whr optical hrJust finished off a whole bunch of testing and then new firmware v1.8.26. Grrr !! 🙂 I need more pictures too don’t I? Just the one so far that’s any good !! 😉 Why take photos of beautiful watches when there are year-end accounts to do? (Not much to add up 😉 )

This firmware may not be generally available. I seem to only have it for the WHR – I’ll check

Some pretty fundamental stuff here.

Hopefully they can sort multi-channel sensors (like viiiiva and STRYD) then I’ll be even happier than normal.

New features

  • Interval training on your Spartan
  • Points of Interest navigation in exercise
  • Route altitude profile navigation
  • New power-save options in sport modes (low color mode and display timeout)
  • Power pod calibration support
  • Power pod crank length setting
  • 10 minute and 12 hour HR displays (Spartan Sport Wrist HR)
  • 30 days/7 days insight element on Suunto for steps and energy consumption


  • More dynamic move summaries
  • Improved accuracy of energy, recovery time and EPOC calculation

Bug fixes

  • Fixed problem with distance in pool swim summary if pool-length changed during swim session
  • Fixed inaccurate (too large) ascent values from GPS altitude
  • Fixed problem with declination synced from Suunto Movescount
  • Fixed time zone update (Turkey, Cyprus and Tonga)
  • Watch blocked after receiving notification
  • Fixed watch face preview images
  • Added missing icons to lap views
  • Language translation fixes
  • Fixed direction of heading arrow route/POI overview screen

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Just an off the cuff comparison…or 1st impressions how does it stack against the F5 leaving out maps and functions one watch has over the other. Is the SSP HR (terrible acronym I know) a contender to the Garmin Empire? I’ve had my F5X for a few days now and i’m pretty much “meh” about it. It fixed most of the issues from the F3HR, but that isn’t saying much really. Does the sport bring something different to the table worth taking the plunge?

Seriously, i’ve been glued to all my sources for the last week or so for alternate info.


Thanks for the update. I guess a lot of people are going to be comparing Fenix 5 or SSS WHR. For me it will depend on the accuracy of the Valencell, which some initial reviews say is very good.


That’s a shame on the cycling, but the native support for stryd has me intrigued, not to mention the Valencell HR plus the interval training stuff. I’m giving the F5X a few more weeks and then I might just change over to Suunto. I forget, does the Sport have smartwatch features like the Fenix line? Not a dealbreaker, but nice to have.


Thank you for reviews. But more searching the reviews, more difficult to choose one of them. I’m considering vivoactive hr, fenix3 hr, fenix 5 or spartan sport wrist hr. In Korea, I can buy vivo=250$, fenix3hr=480$, fenix5=750$, spartan wrist hr=500$. Which do you recommend? Use for running, swimming, crossfit, HIIT without extra heart rate monitor. I prefer watches having accurate wrist heart rate monitor. Is spartan heart rate monitor beat garmin Elevate??
And spartan’s GPS is the best? But spartan has issues some sync problems. bad app…


thanks for your comment. first, I just saw vivo hr, but, searching the watches, durability issues… And Looking good!.
How about accuracy of optical heart rate??
Is spartan whr the best?
There are any problems using spartan sport wrist hr in terms of mobile app sync?


Thanks??. That’s right. Some people said ohr was good, but others not…
My phone is samsung galaxy s7 edge.
I think you are fine with this spartan whr for heart rate mornitoring and GPS location.
And I will try this watch.
I hope it will be fine with me too.