Kinematix TUNE – Running Gait Tool Closes Up Shop

KINEMATIX TUNE Insoles and APP Running AnalysisI just had an email from Kinematix saying they are closing up shop with the insole-based running gait coaching tool.

Surprising in some ways and not so surprising in others


  • Fairly sound offering overall
  • App did genuinely seem to adapt its recommendations as you progressed
  • The sole is a good place to measure detailed footstrike metrics in numerous locations

Less Surprising

  • It’s a limited market
  • No ANT+
  • Some reports of the sole getting damaged in normal use

Maybe that leaves the door open for the nice, two-pod solution of SHFT (review here) and they are in the process of securing funding/Kickstarter for an improved-tech one pod solution (v2.0). SHFT target the consumer market whereas the awesome RUNSCRIBE PRO is more geared towards the higher-end runners and coaches.


“What will happen to the TUNE app?

“You will be able to continue using your TUNE system to capture run data and get reports but, all data will be stored on your smartphone only. All cloud-based services (syncs, fitness plan) will cease to operate. If, for any reason, you are forced to change smartphone and/or smartwatch, all your data will be lost. The app will be available on the App Store and Google Play until October 31, 2017.

What will happen to all my run data currently stored in the TUNE app?

“In an effort to help you maintain all your historical run data, you will receive, by e-mail, a dump of all of runs and you can export the runs stored in your smartphone to .GPX format, allowing you to transfer them, at least partially, to the platforms of other wearable devices or apps for runners.

 “I just bought my TUNE, can I get a refund?

“Unfortunately, no, the company is not able to provide a refund for any TUNE units sold.

Since I can’t use TUNE anymore, what should I do with it?

“We recommend recycling your TUNE system by dropping it off at an electronic recycling centre.”






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