Polar: 6 April Announcement – HEADS UP likely new RUN or TRI watch

Static image, not . Short videos linked to below on Facebook

This looks like a usual Polar Teaser: Planned and organised. Nothing seems to have slipped out other than this video. She is wearing a white banded wrist device WHILST RUNNING.

I would assume from the RUNNING TRACK video AND LACK OF BIKE/SWIM that we are looking at a new ‘proper’ running watch. So that would be a new M450 which would have optical HR as standard. Whether it has the array from the M600 or the one from the M200/A360 I don’t know, bets would be the one from the M600. dcrainmaker was told that Polar had plans for the accelerometer (ie running metrics) with the H10 HRM but were not yet quite sure of what they were going to do….I would imagine that Polar got QUITE sure soon after that conversation and that running dynamics are enabled on the H10 and hence on the new running/tri watch 🙂

Here are the links to not much in terms of more info:

ESSENTIAL READING: Speculation on the M430’s Specs / features (link)

Here also is a link to some of my rampant, previous speculation based on guesswork for a new tri watch: (new Polar). Note: polarv850.com and polarv900.com still do NOT link to anything special and neither do any variations on polarMxxx.com

Guesses: the new V800 (tri) or the new M400 (running)…not a new bike watch !! Although the timing is broadly in line with AW2.0 (the M600 will get of course including swim applet functionality). So maybe the new watch could be a new Androidwear watch?? Unlikely if it is a ‘pro’ device as AndroidWear would be a bit harsh on the battery life…but I certainly would NOT fully discount that possibility of a Pro AndroidWear Running watch (10% chance)

I SUSPECT THAT POLAR HAVE AT LEAST TWO-THREE PRODUCT ANNOUNCEMENTS THIS YEAR STILL TO FOLLOW in line with an earlier prediction of an increment to each of their lines: tri, competent run, activity band, bike.

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14 thoughts on “Polar: 6 April Announcement – HEADS UP likely new RUN or TRI watch

  1. Will be available in 3 colours, white, black(dark grey) and orange as seen on google cache. Orange “only available” for certain running shops.

    1. I think the announcement on 6 April is looking like it will be just a ‘heads up, we have a new product coming’ type thing. My understanding is that the detail behind the product will come a bit later. With the M600 that second infilling of info still wasn’t quite as complete as some would have liked but anyway we have to wait for the second one I think and/or any leaks from the various online shops. Polar are pretty good at keeping the info quiet internally unlike Garmin. This shoul dbe a good year for Polar. I reckon there will be another significant announcement after this one and then I think also an interestingish one nearer Christmas…we’ve already had the H10..let’s use it!


    Any source of this?

    1. I have a direct line to God. the pope often calls 😉 I’ve moderated the words a bit, sometimes I get carried away with new product excitement.

  3. I’ve overheard the Polar sales rep in a running shop op 23rd of March. He elaborated over most details, sadly I couldn’t pick them up, but this gives me the impression that the launch will be sooner then later. I afterwards asked for any future in running dynamics but he could not comment on that.

  4. Would like to have all day HR if possible if wearing 24/7. If not that, then at least some what it can calculate resting HR. I know that Polar has stated that people “don’t want all day HR”, but it’s becoming common with every new tracker. Would like to see Polar jump on this feature.

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