Polar M430 vs M400 Vs M600 Specifications & Comparison

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Polar M430 Detailed Review optical lineupWe’ve just seen the announcement of Polar’s latest ‘proper’ running watch – the M430. It’s essentially a refreshed and updated oHR-packed, M400. But how do they compare? What’s missing? And, instead, might it be worth going for the AndroidWear2.0, market-leading Polar M600?

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If you are stuck beetween the M400 and M430 then the choice is simple: Buy the M430.

The M430 and M600 are a trickier comparison. The M600 is an AndroidWear 2.0 smartwatch. Essentially the M600 is the same sort of thing as an Apple watch but instead it is closely integrated with apps on an Android smartphone and with an Apple phone but to a lesser extent.

Both the M600 and M430 are sports watches rather than a generalist smartwatch that also does sport. The M600 is probably the BEST AndroidWear watch for sports.

For pure running I would go for the M430 over the M600.

FWIW: I like both the M430 and M600.


Polar M400, M430 & M600 Reviews


Polar M430 Review + Discount | Detailed | GPS & Optical Run Watch

Further below is a tabular comparison of the detailed features.

Best Running Watch 2021 | Top 10 Garmin, Apple, Fitbit, Polar Comparison


The M430 is clearly the same or an improvement over the M400 in just about every respect. The one, single respect where the M400 has a winning feature is with AUDIBLE alerts. That lack of audio alert could be a show-stopper for some people with the M430; which instead has a newly added vibration alert.

Polar M430 Detailed ReviewThe M600 is a great device and surprisingly has a better GPS life – ie how many running-hours you have with it. This is slightly misleading as the M430 has a longer-battery life mode where GPS quality is reduced.

Also when used solely as a ‘watch’ the M430 will go longer than the M600 between recharges.

So the battery depletion BETWEEN RUNS will be lower with the M430 and you are likely to get more one hour runs on a single full charge from the M430 than from the M600…hopefully that makes sense!!


If you are looking for a runner’s ‘proper’ running watch then you would go for the M430 and a foot pod of some sort (STRYD is the most accurate).

Polar M600 Review | Running, Sports, GPS & AndroidWear

Why is the M600 More Expensive?

The M600 has a beautiful, high quality screen. Superior to ALL Garmins.

The M600 will benefit from the functionality of numerous apps that can run on AndroidWear. The review, above, will give you more of an insight into that. eg ‘proper’ navigation via maps.

Both the M600 and M430 have Polar’s superior 6-LED optical HR.

That’s why it’s more expensive.


Me?: Personally I love the M600 and would recommend that. If you want a ‘proper’ running watch for, ahem, running then you would take the M430 over the M600. If you have a M400 and it works fine then there is no reason whatsoever to upgrade UNLESS the optical HR attracts you. The GPS chip has changed from the M400 so the M430 has a better GPS performance. But as I said, buy a STRYD for your current sports watch if you want accurate running footpod pace (Milestone pod is cheaper). Some watches, not the M430, will also then also give the power metric with STRYD.

In a nutshell:

  • Buy the M400 as it’s much cheaper.
  • Buy the M600 to integrate with your smartphone more as a sports watch.
  • Buy the M430 for great quality components as more of a proper ‘runner’s watch’.

Polar M400 Review



M430 M400 M600
Smart Coaching Features 229.90 EUR 159.90 EUR 349.90 EUR
Activity Benefit Yes Yes Yes
Activity Guide Yes Yes Yes
Fitness Test Yes Yes No
Running Index Yes Yes Yes
Running Program Yes Yes Yes
Smart Calories Yes Yes Yes
Training Benefit Yes Yes Yes
Training load Yes Yes Yes
24/7 Activity Tracking Yes Yes Yes
Sleep Plus Yes No No
Activity Goal Yes Yes Yes
Active Time Yes Yes Yes
Steps and Distance Yes Yes Yes
Activity Summary Yes Yes Yes
Activity Benefit Yes Yes Yes
Inactivity Alert Yes Yes Yes
Sleep Duration and Quality Yes (new) Yes Yes
Running Program Yes Yes Yes
Speed and distance from the wrist Yes No No
Running cadence from the wr Yes Yes Yes
Wrist-based heart rate measurement Yes No Yes
Heart rate Yes Yes Yes
Hrmax Yes Yes Yes
Heart Rate zones Yes Yes Yes
Speed/Pace zones Yes Yes No
ZoneLock Yes Yes No
ZonePointer Yes Yes Yes
Polar Fitness Test Yes Yes No
Running Index Yes Yes Yes
Smart Calories Yes Yes Yes
Training Benefit Yes Yes Yes
Training Load In Flow In Flow In Flow
Recovery Status In Flow In Flow In Flow
Back to Start Yes Yes Yes
Distance Yes Yes Yes
Altitude, ascent/descent Yes Yes Yes
Sport profiles Yes Yes Yes
User-adjustable training displays Yes Yes Yes
GPS Yes Yes Yes
A-GPS Yes Yes Yes
GPS Power save mode Yes No No
End Time Estimator Yes Yes No
Speed/Pace Yes Yes Yes
Training targets Yes Yes Yes
Training history Yes Yes Yes
Training diary Yes Yes Yes
Interval Timers Yes Yes No
Laps, manual Yes Yes Yes
Laps, automatic Yes Yes Yes
Personal Best Yes Yes No
Autostop/start Yes Yes No
Stopwatch Yes No No
Bluetooth Stride Sensor:
Cadence Yes Yes No
Distance Yes Yes No
Average stride length Yes Yes No
Speed/Pace Yes Yes No
Bluetooth 4.2 (see BT smart below) No No Yes
Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n No No Yes
Android Wear No No Yes
Weight 51g 56g 63g
Color touch display No No Yes
Resolution 128×128 128×128 240×240
Water resistance WR30 WR30 Swimming
USB cable Custom MicroUSB Custom
Bluetooth Smart Yes Yes Yes
Smart Notifications Yes Yes Yes
Audio alerts No Yes No
Vibration Yes No Yes
Alarm Yes Yes No
Button lock Yes Yes Yes
Backlight Yes Yes Yes
Date and weekday indicator Yes Yes Yes
Flow Features Yes Yes Yes
Running Index analysis Yes Yes no
GPS Battery Life 8 hrs 8 Hours 10 Hours

Altimetry is not specified by Polar. However it is MOST likely that it will be GPS based. I think I’m right in saying that the M400 can calibrate altitude based from a manually set start point (based on GPS). However I don’t think that ascent/descent/altitude can be displayed as fields on the M400 and presumably also the M430. If you are interested in corrected altimetry then you could run your files through sporttracks or even Garmin connect where they can be corrected based on known altitudes of GPS points. STRAVA might do something like that too, I’m not 100% sure (GPS elevation, barometric elevation and gps-corrected elevation are all entirely different).

If you are just interested in gym classes then consider the much cheaper option of the FREE Polar Beat and Flow apps coupled with the awesome Polar OH1 optical armband


Polar Verity Sense Review | the other opinion, in detail



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Amazfit Stratos Amazon
Best REI/Wiggle/PMC price is linked to. Prices are $199/£35/Eur165 and will stay around that level in 2018 unless there are new Polar products.
Best REI/Wiggle/PMC price is linked to. Prices approx $250 Eu215 £195 and likely to fall slightly from 2018 onwards. .
Best REI/Wiggle/PMC price is linked to. Prices are $120/£100/Eur150 and will generally fall.


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AFAIK the M400 does not have vibration alerts?

Will be interested to see what “sleep plus” actually means. There was a “Sleep Analysis” tab in one of DCRainmakers screen shots when he was reviewing the Balance scale.

comment image


Great comparison! I’m a fan of the M400.
But will the M430 be Stryd compatible like Garmin/Suunto? (the M400 isn’t)


Check out fellrnr’s Stryd pod review. He shows the M400 and Stryd as a working combination.


M400 now supports speed and distance from the wrist. An update that came out in Jan 2017.

Carlos Morales

Does the m430 support music control ie. skipping tracks and control volume?


I guess that’s a no then 🙁


I currently have an M600 and I am thinking of switching to an M430, why would someone want to pair a stryd foot pod with the M430?