Tour de France buys up Windsor Tri? (yes it does, really!)

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Human Race Events acquires Xtra Mile Events

OK it’s not in the same league as the relatively recent purchase of Ironman.

However it’s of interest to many of us as we probably each do a couple of their events a year. Human Race Events have acquired XTRA Mile Events. Or Amaury Sport Organisation have acquired Xtra Mile events, depending on context and capitalisation that you wish to take. Talking of capitals they do races in Paris too – of interest to DC perhaps?

More detail: (here)

You could sensationalise the title (correctly) by saying instead

Tour de France buys the Royal Windsor Triathlon

because that is precisely what has happened. Albeit through various owning companies.

Does this reflect the need to cut costs and consolidate in a maturing market for tri/run/du races? Probably.

Does this reflect too many races in the UK that are not filling up as well as they used to (despite participation levels increasing in general)? Probably.

What will happen to the Oulton Park Duathlon T-Shirt? No idea!

Xtra Mile would have won an award for the most wearable Duahtlon Race T-shirt, if such an award existed. Let’s hope the same design team keep their jobs. I haven’t done that race for a few years now but the T-shirt still looks great and I actually wear it to publicise the event from time-to-time. Attention all race t-shirt designers…focus on wearability not showing your sponsors’ logos garishly.

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