STRYD In UK and EU – 10% Off – Running With Power – Accurate Running Pace

STRYD Footpod
My new running shoes…and STRYD

Many of us predicted last year that 2017 would be a good year for STRYD as Running With Power gains more mass acceptance. That seems to be coming true.

STRYD now have a single European distributor and you have probably already noticed for some time that you can buy direct through Amazon in various EU countries.

ESSENTIAL READING: STRYD Footpod Detailed review (updated)

If you are looking for the most accurate footpod for running pace AND to run with power then you can support this blog AND get yourself a 10% discount into the bargain by buying direct from new (link). The 10% deal should work for anywhere in the EU and you should be able to buy in euros (converted from GBP) which works well with exchange rates as they are right now – although there is shipping to factor in.

I think there’s some cool stuff coming with new STRYD firmware this year too.

As of 10April 2017 there are 200 STRYDs in stock with New Running Gear.

I’m trying to get a similar deal organised for other brands, like Suunto, with New Running Gear.

Clicks through to STRYD page on new

For those of you who want the Amazon links here they are:


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12 thoughts on “STRYD In UK and EU – 10% Off – Running With Power – Accurate Running Pace

  1. How accurate is the running pace? I have not seen any review anywhere confirming this accuracy, on treadmill or outdoors.
    What is your experience with it like? satisfied?

    argghh…. fighting with my keyboard and posted twice…. sorry…

    1. Have you got a link to purchase in the US? it is not available in And I want your 10% coupon! thx!

      1. you have to go direct to stryd in north America. they have no other distribution that I know of.
        my link will take you through to any deal that they are currently offering themselves. as of 29jul2017 I think there is only list price but that could change next week (I don’t know)

  2. Fellrnr reckons it it the best tool for instant pace period. One which he would replace instantly should he ever lose it. Which is why i’m here. Has anyone checked whether this works with the Polar M430? M430 is on the way from Belgium as i type this

    1. i agree with fellrnr (I agree with him on accuracy on a LOT of fronts…more so than Mr Rainmaker in fact but then fellrnr and I say negative things about Garmin from time to time..go figure)

      i’m getting the m430 next week. I very much doubt there will be proper running power support. however it will be likely that power from stryd will be able to hijack a channel eg cadence.

      if you are asking ‘will it work as a source of instant pace’ then I would hope so.

      1. I’m not convinced about power, but instant pace is king, the styrd works with the M400 as a footpod but not the V800, really strange that. Really hoping it works with the M430 too. Only reason i’ve not purchased via your link is i mainly run with the V800 and have a milestone pod on three pairs of shoes

        1. ty! you’re the first person that’s admitted to using one of my links to buy something – although quite a few people have used the stryd links

          power – I AM mostly convinced of some usefulness, especially with the new racing CIQ app for garmin.

          1. “you’re the first person that’s admitted to using one of my links to buy something”

            I tried to support you by buying stuff I anyway wanted to buy with your links. Unfortunately it can be pain in the ass (customs, warranty, customs again, high shipping costs) when you (read: me) stay in Switzerland.

  3. whatever you do, do not buy it from newrunninggear, they may be the worst customer service ever. pay with credit or paypal with this guys for your protection. scam be aware.

    1. you wrote above anonymously, however NRG thought they knew who you were.
      You were auto-refunded at the time apparently.
      It’s difficult for me to help further without more info. I’m happy to help further if you like.

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