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Here’s a little bit of athletic psycho-analysis for you from STRYD; well physiological analysis, perhaps.

One of the problems many of us have is that we have lots of fitness data. Lots of hours and minutes and cadences and power and paces and speeds.

Some of that data might be organised in laps or zones; further looking at it through those views might give us more chance to see that data in a slightly different way, instead as slightly more useful information.

But moving on from that. Do we really get any true KNOWLEDGE about our sporting selves or even an INSIGHT into the “WHY” of it all?

Actually we can get insights from quite a lot places in many of the sports apps you already use. STRYD have added some interesting and novel presentations of your power stats on Power Center giving some novel insights into your power training.

I like the following graph which is actual vs. plan for time-in-zone … which is nothing too new. But the Power-Duration chart on the right  is quite neat, especially how it adds in the HEAT MAP part of your training to tell you REALLY where you have been spending your training efforts and durations. One of the interesting things I like with power-duration/CP curves is that they tend not to lie. If you do a 19 minute stint that should have been 20 minutes or 50 seconds that should have been 60 it doesn’t matter. Whatever you achieved is recorded and analysed regardless of whether or not you pressed the stop or lap button at the right time or under/overachieved a particular lap.

On this curve the I’ve been spending a lot of time in Zone 1, probably slightly more than my 5k plan allows for – but as I’m really training for an Ironman I suppose that’s not too surprising!! And you can also see that I’ve really been maxxing out the 250w efforts between 7 and 20 minutes.

Then the following charts tell me where I might get a better bang for my training buck. In my case by working on my muscular endurance, specifically Aerobic threshold runs, long runs and Race specific runs. That’s not just simple INSIGHT it’s actually actionable INSIGHT. Nice.

There are other new additions to PowerCenter this week. Take a look on the IMPROVE tab in your Power Center account if you have one. If you don’t, it’s free – go create! Of course this all requires that you do your run training with STRYD and have running power data 🙂

Some of this type of presentation of info is available in other packages like Golden Cheetah or SportTracks or Training Peaks but those particular software packages can sometimes be a little overwhelming if you are not a sports data analyst.

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