Airia: New Concept PERFORMANCE Running Shoe

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Kickstarter campaign: (Ends April 21st)

Airia Running of Sweden has released two products, aimed at performance oriented runners, during their Kickstarter campaign.

They started the campaign around their lightweight racing flat Airia RAW and last week they added the BioSpeed Insole, an insole to improve biomechanical efficiency of any running shoe. 

About two years ago Airia Running released their first running shoe, the odd looking and appropriately named Airia One. If you Google around a bit, that release seems to have met mixed feelings and reviews. Perhaps they pushed it a bit with some bold claims about “revolutionizing running”, referring to their patented BioSpeed concept. 

However, now they are on Kickstarter with two products based on the same patented BioSpeed concept: a minimalistic, lightweight racing flat for fast paced road running, and an insole to replace the ordinary insole of any running shoe. The two products have one thing in common – a 3 mm slanted forefoot from the outside to the inside of the foot. The slant is said to guide the foot through the stance, creating a shorter ground contact time and a more powerful toe off, resulting in running performance gains for most runners.

If Kickstarter is the right platform to address runners interested in small performance gains, remains to be seen. As of writing the campaign is closing up to near half of its goal, with one week to go. Visit the Kickstarter campaign here:



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FTC: Affiliate Disclosure: All links pay commission
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