Comparison: Polar M460 vs. M450 vs V650

Polar M460 GPS Bike ComputerPolar’s recently announced M460 offers a refresh of the previous version..the M450. Polar also have the more expensive navigational bike computer in their range…the V650.

Taking out the navigational side of things all the units have quite similar functionality.

Polar are sticking with the BLE only world of communication with sensors. This restricts the ability of this great little device (both the M450 and presumably the M460 too) to get many more sales than it otherwise would. The M450 (the old version) is often as low as GBP110 on Amazon. It really is an all time bargain at that price. Even people just wanting a backup unit that ‘works’ (which the M450 always does) would go for one at that price level…IF it had ANT+ – otherwise the backup unit is the Lezyne in the back pocket for me.

The M460 is a refreshed M450. The case is a little different but the hardware looks otherwise identical. Maybe it’s different hardware inside? It might be. I don’t know. I have a sneaky feeling it might be…

The M460 is almost like a firmware upgrade for the M450. And the extra functionality provided there is a bit of extra power meter stats, access to STRAVA live segments and some basic+app smartphone notifications.

As things stand you buy a M450 if it is WAY below list price. At list price you pay the extra for the M460 and hope for lots more firmware goodies to come (reasonably likely) and if you want navigation you go for the V650. If STRAVA is your thing and connectivity then you go for the M460.

Whilst you can already get BT power meters from PowerTap, Stages, 4iiii, Wahoo Fitness and Rotor there ARE more on their way. And I don’t just mean WATTEAM’s POWERBEAT 🙂


M460 M450 V650
179.90 EUR 159.90 EUR 219.90 EUR
Smart Coaching Features
Fitness Test No
Orthostatic Test No
Recovery status
Smart Calories
Training Benefit
Training load
Full Features
Route import No No
Heart rate
Heart Rate zones
Speed/Pace zones No
Power zones
Advanced Power Metrics for TrainingPeaks No No
Strava Live Segments No No
Orthostatic Test No
Polar Fitness Test No
Smart Calories
Training Benefit
Training Load FLOW FLOW FLOW
Recovery Status FLOW FLOW FLOW
Back to Start
Altitude, ascent/descent
Sport profiles
User-adjustable training displays
OpenStreetMap No No
Route guidance No No
Training history
Training diary No
Laps, manual
Laps, automatic
Personal Best No
Real-time VAM
Sensor Bluetooth® Smart features
Incline measurement
Weight 50g 50g 122g
Resolution 128X128 128X128 240X320
Water resistance IPX7 IPX7 IPX7
Rechargeable battery
USB cable micro USB micro USB micro USB
Bluetooth Smart
Smart Notifications No No
Audio alerts
Button lock
Front LED light
Date and weekday indicator
Time of day (12/24h)
Bike settings for three bicycles
Firmware update
Map view
Social feed
Instant activity and training analysis
Advanced activity and training analysis
Sport profile settings
Progress follow-up

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source: Polar with some changes

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  1. 3rd paragraph, your write: “Polar are sticking with the ANT+ only world…” when you clearly mean “Bluetooth” there…

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