Ebikes, my bike, Coulsdon and the need for a wrench

Ebikes and maintenance at Cycling Made Easy COULSDON

My 3 hour trail ride turned into a 3.5 hour excursion as I encountered some mechanical difficulties just about as far away from home as I could possibly be on the route. I was heading, I think, for FARTHING DOWN.

Luckily for me I realised the nature of my impending mechanical doom (earlier today) just outside  of Cycling Made Easy in Coulsdon.

30 minutes later I was good to go.

The point of this post is to thank them and give a heads-up to anyone in the area. They did an awesome job doing some quick repairs and ROB seemed to know FAR too much about maintenance for my liking.


From my brief experience today; a highly competent bike repair shop. They also had an inordinate amount of electric bikes of every type (I thought there only was one type). There were even carbon fibre mountain bike…with electric motors, handy for your non-sporting friends for a day out of YOUR choosing (they can keep up).

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