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A new version of KUBIOS HRV software has just been announced.

There is a well-featured free version and a premium version. I would class KUBIOS as ‘advanced’ HRV software.

A bit too advanced fro my needs although I did use the previous version a little.

1) Kubios HRV Premium, which is our heart rate variability software for scientific research and professional use. The Premium version includes:

  • Support for most common HR and ECG file formats
  • ECG derived respiration estimate (accurate respiratory sinus arrhythmia estimation)
  • New algorithm (Automatic Correction) for accurate correction of missed, extra and misaligned beats
  • Time-varying HRV analysis, e.g. for analysing 24-hour recordings or exercise/recovery periods
  • Additional nonlinear analysis parameters
  • SPSS friendly batch file (can be opened with Excel or SPSS for statistical analysis) and Matlab MAT file exports.

Overall, the Premium version provides a more accurate, detailed and powerful analysis of HRV, thus saving manual work and giving you time to focus on more important things. More information:


2) Kubios HRV Standard, which is our our heart rate variability software for non-commercial personal use. The Standard version includes support for most common HR monitors and computes all standard HRV parameters. More information: http://www.kubios.com/hrv-standard

Kubios HRV Standard and Premium are available for Windows (64-bit Win 7 SP1, 8 or 10) and macOS (compatible with latest releases of macOS).



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