Teaser – Garmin Fenix 5X | 5 | 5S | Forerunner 935 | Review Summary

Garmin Fenix 5XPolar and others do a good job of teasing their new products so I thought, “Hey, I’m going to tease my review”. Here’s the draft summary of what I will hopefully publish towards the end of this week. I’ve approached the review in a different way to normal. Like with the SPARTAN SPORT review, I’ve endeavoured to argue contrary to received wisdom to enable people to make a more informed choice. Admittedly in the case of the Fenix 5/935 it’s been pretty hard to argue that way as they are great sports devices. 

Full review now: (here)


10 thoughts on “Teaser – Garmin Fenix 5X | 5 | 5S | Forerunner 935 | Review Summary

  1. I’m gonna say you’re going to talk about the charge cable a bit, since that’s the focus of the picture you used. It’s ok to admit it; the cord disconnects…a lot.

    • YES!!!!! that would be the main reason why I would send the fenix back from whence it came! The following phrase springs to mind “Polar M400” … at least that took MONTHS to get to the point of being dodgy, the fenix merely took days

    • I don’t have much of a problem with the cord. True, its not obvious when its been plugged in all the way so easy to leave it partially plugged in but when it is in all the way it is well connected

  2. Has the speed of the GPS signal acquisition improved any from the 920XT? Mine varies from instant to “in it’s own sweet time” on a day like today when I was trying to beat the arrival of some big ugly rain clouds. I don’t consider that good enough in 2017 on a premium device.

    • Are you moving when you try to get an initial lock? That always screws up all gps units I’ve tried that don’t do a-gps (cell phones as they have a connection to the cell tower)

      • Generally yes albeit only ever at walking speed while I walk from my office door to where I start my run. That said once at the start point I’m not moving until the watch finds the satellites. Maybe I’m being unfair because I am comparing it to my iPhone but even so there’s days like today where it took minutes which is pretty poor in my opinion

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