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Fenix 5 & 5s RECALL ? – Would you do that if you were Garmin right now?

Garmin Fenix 5X 5 5S Forerunner 935 Review
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I was a little shocked to read this post on the Fenix 5/5S forum from STRYD who say they cannot at present recommend the Fenix 5/5S (The 5X seems to work fine for me and other reports suggest the 935 is fine too)

STRYD SAY:Stryd is compatible with the Fenix 5 watch. However, as you have noticed, it is not listed as compatible on our site. We do not feel comfortable recommending the Fenix 5 to Stryd customers right now. There are sensor stability reports facing the Fenix 5 right now. We have seen reports that all ANT+ sensors including Garmin’s heart rate monitor, Garmin’s run dynamics pod, bike power meters, and Stryd consistently drop out with the Fenix 5.

Thanks @DaveCorsi for bringing this to our attention. The original is shown below, things happen with negative forum posts 😉

Screen grab 


STRYD asked me to point out the list of supported devices at


To be clear (edit) what THIS blog is saying: there is no recall on the 5/5S…I’m just asking if there should be a recall AND also, at the end of this post I will suggest what might happen.

It seems there are issues with dropouts from various ANT+ sensors. Ones that have been compatible with previous Garmin models and ones that are compatible with other ANT+ devices. It seems that manufacturers are pointing the finger of blame at one another and yet the common thread in the problems with the dropouts seems to be the Fenix 5 & 5S rather than a particular ANT+ sensor or kind of ANT+ sensor.

I’ve been using the Fenix 5X for a while and, I have to admit, have been blissfully unaware of all of these problems with the Fenix 5/5S until today. My 5X MAY only have experienced one dropout with STRYD and that was a couple of days ago EVEN IF THAT IS TRUE then the occasional dropout is no problem for me whatsoever. At the time I attributed the problem to the 5X somehow changing measurement units mid-run. (Garmin can sometimes mysteriously change the default pace/distance measurement from metric to statute/imperial during a firmware upgrade.) On reflection, it might have been a sensor drop out??? although it seemed strange that power and pace permanently dropped by about 30% for the remainder of the run. It’s been good since.

I was also slightly amazed when I read reviews of the Fenix 5X from other sources. Awesome optical HR…awesome GPS…even better with GLONASS..amazing navigation. Errr. Did those people actually use the device or just take pretty pictures and read the manual? Or did they think that their Garmin affiliate revenue pay check might take a hit if people didn’t buy the latest Garmin?

However, the positive stories I heard were that the problems I found on the 5X were NOT present on other models (ie 935,5,5S). My review of the Fenix 5X (here)

(Here) are the garmin forums to see some of the other pertinent issues

And here are the bugs that DCR found

, source DCR


This issue may also be surfacing with STAGES PMs as well.

I HAVE experienced this, albeit in a limited way, with the 5s. The following chart shows STRYD with a Fenix 5s, SPARTAN and 935. Only the 5s drops the connection, admittedly only twice which is probably acceptable over 90 minutes.

, run from 29June2017


Here’s what I think will happen. I don’t know of course:


Sensationalist? – I would imagine it is quite a sensation upgrading to one of the most expensive Garmins ever and then finding your previously working sensors not then working properly. How would YOU feel?

Edit 20 Nov: (prompted by comments below): The Fenix 5 does have sensor issues. It does have gps issues. it does have HR issues. To varying degrees I have said that all along. You can believe whomever you wish on this matter. I said in my review of the Fenix 5X that there were things I was not going to test because they clearly did not work…Garmin hadn’t bothered to test it…why should I? Check the wayback internet engine if you like. There will be a Fenix 5 replacement because Garmin have c*(&ked up – and YOU will pay for it not Garmin.

Here is what DC says now:

You might even question why virtually none of the other online media have reported this. Hint: I buy my own Garmin gadgets…no freebies, no PR loan devices.

Best REI/Wiggle/PMC price is linked to. Prices are about Eur480/$420/£430 and will stay around that level until 2019. .



I partner directly with STRYD in the USA and their distributor New Running Gear in the EU.


Best REI/Wiggle/PMC price is linked to.
Best REI/Wiggle/PMC price is linked to. Prices typically $/£/Eu25 and UNlikely to fall.

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