Polar V800 + STRYD :: Proper Support JUST Released

STRYD FootpodWelcome news from Polar HQ. We knew that Polar were working on full V800 compatibility for STRYD last year. There’s just been an announcement that ‘proper’ support is now working for the V800. We shall have to see if that filters down the M430 as well soon.

STRYD Compatibility comes with firmware v1.10.103. Use flowsync to update now.
I’ve included the formal announcement, below, from Polar but a few things stand out.
Firstly I checked on Polar FLOW (web) and as the following screenshot shows power metrics can be added to the V800’s running profile. (edit: updated with some fancier stuff late 2018 edi edit: This stuff is only visible for Vantage owners at present. See comments below)
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Polar V800 with Stryd running power meter

Stryd is a third-party running power sensor that provides the following metrics to help analyze and develop your running performance: power, form power, elevation, cadence, ground contact time, vertical oscillation, leg stiffness, pace and distance. For detailed instructions on setting up Stryd, running with Stryd and analyzing running power metrics with Stryd’s PowerCenter see stryd.com/support. Also see this video to help you get started with Stryd.Price, Availability & Discount Code

Pair Stryd with V800

Before trying to pair V800 with Stryd, check that you have the latest firmware on your V800. You need to have version 1.10.103 or newer.

  1. Go to General Settings > Pair and sync > Pair other device and press START.
  2. V800 starts searching for Stryd.
  3. Once the Stryd is found, the device ID Stryd xxxxxx is displayed.
  4. Press START, Pairing is displayed.
  5. Pairing completed is displayed when you are done.

Train with V800 and Stryd

  1. On V800 press START.
  2. Choose a running type sport profile, and wait for  to appear on the V800 display.
  3. Press START to start your session.
  4. When you start running Stryd will activate and power metrics will be displayed on V800.

What Stryd running metrics are supported in V800?

During a training session you can see power, pace, altitude, cadence and distance.

Add power and other running metrics to your sport profile training views in the Polar Flow web service. See How can I edit sport profiles in Polar Flow? for detailed instructions.

What Stryd running metrics are supported in the Flow web service?

Metrics supported include power, pace, altitude, cadence and distance.

How to export Stryd running power metrics from Polar Flow

  1. Go to Diary.
  2. Open a training session
  3. Export session at the bottom of the page.
  4. Choose TCX file.

Note that the TCX export only includes the metrics shown in Flow (power, pace, altitude, cadence and distance).

How to sync Stryd running metrics to Stryd PowerCenter

Stryd PowerCenter is a specialized platform to train with power. By exporting your running data to PowerCenter you get new tools to analyze your runs. In PowerCenter you can view power, form power, elevation, cadence, ground contact time, vertical oscillation, leg stiffness, pace and distance. See this video and stryd.com/support for help on getting started with Stryd PowerCenter.

  1. After a running session with Stryd, first sync your data from the Stryd sensor to the Stryd app. This is done by tapping  in top left corner in the Stryd app.
  2. The data is then automatically synced to PowerCenter.
  3. Sign into PowerCenter at stryd.com/powercenter with your Stryd account to view the data.

How to export Stryd running metrics to Training Peaks

  1. Sign into PowerCenter at stryd.com/powercenter with Stryd your account.
  2. Choose Connect from the tab.
  3. Choose Connect under Exports to TrainingPeaks.
  4. Sign into TrainingPeaks with your TrainingPeaks account and authorize Stryd to upload files to your account.

Every time new data is synced to PowerCenter it will also be automatically exported to your TrainingPeaks account

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22 thoughts on “Polar V800 + STRYD :: Proper Support JUST Released

  1. M430 support is coming, I personally emailed about that last week, and it seems like a no-brainer as the v800 is years old now and newer running devices would be up to the task. I bet you this is just a test run (pun intended?) to see how Stryd interfaces with Polar flow and the watches at large while they get the v800 replacement ready….

    1. In hindsight I never twigged this, I asked Polar why my m400 would only pair to two MilestonePods yet my v800 pairs to three. And what should I expect from the M430, They said three as it’s based on the V800. Happy days ahead, felltnr has already commented “it looks a bit dated” this surprises me as isn’t he the function over form guy? Mines currently in Amsterdam ?

      1. so your conclusion from that is that the third is for power?
        if so I can ask polar a carefully phrased question about the m430
        the timing of the firmware and of the m430 availability suggests m430 will have power support…which will be awesome if true
        if the ohr works I might even use it 😉 (unlike the fenix)

  2. this data picture from flow web service with pace, power, cadence etc. is strange to me.
    Because of that fact, that pace-zones 3 to 5 are in sum 11% until power-zone 5 comes up to 89%.
    Maybe the power-zones set wrong. Is there any explanation?

    1. that is an image from polar.com.
      flat/grade-adjusted pace zones and power zones should be the same.
      look also at elevation…that will affect the pace

  3. Had the opportunity to quickly test the Stryd sensor for a couple hours with my V800 this week-end and I had a couple issues.

    Pairing worked like a charm and power display during effort worked seamlessly.
    However I had issues with speed / pace and distance. Can’t recall what source of data I chose for these info as I didn’t change anything on the watch (just accepted the default choice). In the end, distance in completely wrong (0,04k instead of 19+k) and pace was locked at 8km/h just as if no data was incoming.

    Did some of you have similar issues ? Any tips for resolving such problem ? I really wish I could use this sensor.

    1. there seemed to me to be a bug when displaying in FLOW. export from flow to somewhere else…the correct data might then show.

      of that is yhour problem, polar are working on it

  4. 5kr,

    Thanks for posting this…I just got a Stryd to use with my v800, but I do not see the Flow website’s power settings in the Running, Treadmill Running, or Road Running profiles–only cycling. Oddly, I do see these settings on the Polar Flow iPhone app. And I did get power data from my first run.

    Any idea why Flow run profiles aren’t showing the power settings shown in your screenshot?

    1. i showed those screen to polar ages ago.
      respose: there is some tidying up to do in FLOW
      so maybe that has now been done. that stuff WAS there for sure a couple of days ago

      1. I’ve been using Stryd with V800 for couple years now, and I’ve been checking running profiles ever since Polar rolled out native power support. I can assure you that power settings have NEVER been available for running profiles on Flow Web service. Well, they might’ve been available for some short period (several days max) between my checks, but “couple of days ago” – that’s not true.

      2. Yes I think the explanation that I’ve made in a few posts over the last month or so is that different parts of FLOW are enabled with different watches linked. Of course I couldn’t see what you see (thank you for confirming) and you couldn’t see what I (and all the world’s media that got a Vantage) have been able to see since early september.

        So I don’t know if the changes I made have sync’d through to my V800 or not. Probably not. In other conversations I was told that there was some tidying up required on FLOW.

        Being positive, it looks like it is being planned for the V800 #NoGuarantees of course

      3. Custom running power zones do synch to V800 from Flow mobile app, so I guess they will synch from Flow Web too. However, since V800 doesn’t feature Zone Lock, that option is for Vantage only.
        As for the V800 development, it sure looks like they are not going to do that, especially since their hands are full with Vantage watches needing much work, and I guess to prevent competition between their own products.

      4. generally agree with you. not 100% sure if v800 would be developed, I guess they’ve been updating it for a long time so it would not be unreasonable to stop. but you never know if some things HAVE to be done to make the whole platform work without major changes elsewhere (just speculating)

        V800 DOES have zone lock????

  5. Just bought v-800 (bargin on ebay). Got it for fine-tune calibration for Stryd, my Spartan Ultra can’t do this.

    In powerflow as your article explains, there’s no power option in running for the v-800. However I do see it’s available in ‘other outdoor’ profile. Could I set this up for running?

    At present if I use ‘Running’ profile You can display power in the watch screens, but how would it know what zone I’m in.


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