30-20-10 Run Workout

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Apart from sounding very silly, FARTLEK just doesn’t sit right in my mind.

I have this vision of Norwegians running at a certain speed to the nearest lamp post and then at another speed up a hill and then at some other UNpre-defined speed over the next but one pedestrian crossing.

That’s not me. Maybe I’m a bit boring but I want a bit of structure.

So how about this then

Warmup then 3x all the following:

  1. 5x
    1.  [
    2. 30 seconds jog
    3. 20 seconds normal Z2/high aerobic speed
    4. 10 seconds max/sprint
    5. ]
  2. 2 minutes jog

Well that is a Fartlek workout used in a Danish university study on a group of Finns. And yes I know Fartlek means something in Swedish.

Try that a couple of times a week and see what happens.

The benefits should be: improved anaerobic capacity; improved muscular force; and higher neuromuscular response.

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