Tom Farrell… UK’s newest Mr 5K – Convinced about blackcurrants?

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Convinced about blackcurrants yet?

See image to right.

Convinced about the science?

See (this)

Convinced about Beetroot juice yet?

Hang around in the post-race doping testing tents and check out the colour of all the urine samples. (Or just take my word for it…that could get a little weird).

Convinced about Caffeine yet?


Actually if all this natural stuff makes us faster I think I’m going to take up a summer job eating fruit on a farm…ahem, sorry, I mean PICKING fruit on a farm for minimum wage. Once I’ve finished that I’ll sneak off to a neighbouring field to follow the tractors turning up all the root veg.

It might all even be vaguely healthy. Shock. Horror. They’ll be saying water stops dehydration next…nah. #isotonic

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Affiliate Disclosure: All links pay commission
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