Polar M430 – Initial thoughts on Accuracy

Polar M430 Detailed Review stride sensor footpodThe M430 looks pretty good so far.

It’s predominantly a running watch that you can use for other sports and for general fitness use.

It’s very similar to the best-selling M400 (2014) but with some noteworthy additions that I’ll go through in detail another time.

The OPTICAL heart rate uses Polar’s top-end sensor (as on the M600 NOT as per the M200, below) and so far looks VERY good for RUNNING USAGE – much better than the Garmin Fenix 5X I was using recently, for example. Less good optical HR for swimming though.

Polar M430 Detailed Review optical lineup
A360/A370, M200, M430, M600

GPS also looks good though perhaps not quite up to the V800, even though they have the same chipset (SiRFStar IV)

Instant pace is like the industry norm…ie a bit ‘meh’. but with the addition of a decent footpod (as per image at the top) we’ll soon have that sorted out.

No STRYD support…yet 😉 (I don’t know if it supports )


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6 thoughts on “Polar M430 – Initial thoughts on Accuracy

  1. im pretty sure stryd support will show up soon on this watch. it´s a runners watch and i´m pretty sure upcoming competitors will have these features (FR 245 etc)

    1. I hope so for polar.
      but for garmin its not straightforward…think power zones, all the averages and power alerts. it’s not just that they already have ciq data fields showing. polar still haven’t got all the peripherals firmware bits fully working/integrted

  2. After years with S625X I bought M430 in January. I have a problem with optical HR accuracy. I have a conversation with Polar support, check many sites searching for the solution, but nothing helps. M430 simply isn’t accurate at the beginning of training.
    I wrote my (honest) review with the video which shows the problem and compares optical measuring HR and strap measuring HR.
    Here is my problem which should check every potential buyer:

    1. optical HR varies from person to person.
      you may well have serious problems with one watch and someone else will find it works 100%…it’s the way it is from all vendors with all tech on the wrist
      arm worn sensors are much better but some people still have problems there too

  3. I have exactly the same problem as Iztok. For the 1st 7 to 30 minutes hr stays way low then suddenly jumps to correct level. Also at the end of a training session the hr often stays incorrectly high for 10 minutes and then suddenly drops to correct level. When used with a strap it works fine – but that kind of defeats the purpose of the watch!
    Others on the net report the same problem – Polar needs to fix this

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