Polar M430 – Initial thoughts on Accuracy

Polar M430 Detailed Review stride sensor footpodThe M430 looks pretty good so far.

It’s predominantly a running watch that you can use for other sports and for general fitness use.

It’s very similar to the best-selling M400 (2014) but with some noteworthy additions that I’ll go through in detail another time.

The OPTICAL heart rate uses Polar’s top-end sensor (as on the M600 NOT as per the M200, below) and so far looks VERY good for RUNNING USAGE – much better than the Garmin Fenix 5X I was using recently, for example. Less good optical HR for swimming though.

Polar M430 Detailed Review optical lineup

A360/A370, M200, M430, M600

GPS also looks good though perhaps not quite up to the V800, even though they have the same chipset (SiRFStar IV)

Instant pace is like the industry norm…ie a bit ‘meh’. but with the addition of a decent footpod (as per image at the top) we’ll soon have that sorted out.

No STRYD support…yet 😉 (I don’t know if it supports it but think it will)


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im pretty sure stryd support will show up soon on this watch. it´s a runners watch and i´m pretty sure upcoming competitors will have these features (FR 245 etc)