Polar M430 – Initial thoughts on Accuracy

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Reading Time: 2 minutesThe M430 looks pretty good so far. It’s predominantly a running watch that you can use for other sports and for general fitness use. It’s very similar to the best-selling M400 (2014) but with some noteworthy additions that I’ll go through in detail another time. The OPTICAL heart rate uses Polar’s top-end sensor (as on the M600 NOT as per the M200, below) and so far looks VERY good for RUNNING USAGE – much better than the Garmin Fenix 5X I was using recently, for example. Less good optical HR for swimming though. A360/A370, M200, M430, M600 GPS also looks…


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im pretty sure stryd support will show up soon on this watch. it´s a runners watch and i´m pretty sure upcoming competitors will have these features (FR 245 etc)


After years with S625X I bought M430 in January. I have a problem with optical HR accuracy. I have a conversation with Polar support, check many sites searching for the solution, but nothing helps. M430 simply isn’t accurate at the beginning of training.
I wrote my (honest) review with the video which shows the problem and compares optical measuring HR and strap measuring HR.
Here is my problem which should check every potential buyer:

tfk, the5krunner

optical HR varies from person to person.
you may well have serious problems with one watch and someone else will find it works 100%…it’s the way it is from all vendors with all tech on the wrist
arm worn sensors are much better but some people still have problems there too


I have exactly the same problem as Iztok. For the 1st 7 to 30 minutes hr stays way low then suddenly jumps to correct level. Also at the end of a training session the hr often stays incorrectly high for 10 minutes and then suddenly drops to correct level. When used with a strap it works fine – but that kind of defeats the purpose of the watch!
Others on the net report the same problem – Polar needs to fix this