Garmin 935 // *USA* *UK* Available Amazon & Pretty Much Most Places

Garmin Forerunner 935s arrived at Power Meter City (PMC) in the USA on 1st MAY. But now FINALLY, as of 24Jun, you can pretty much get them anywhere.

In the UK, Wiggle’s exclusivity seems to have ended and the first few have found their way onto amazon. There’s only one left as I write this though! 🙁 And it is through a marketplace seller not fro Amazon themselves.

If you order through PMC you support this blog in a small way. Thank you. Along with Amazon, PMC offer a great return policy if the optical HR doesn’t quite work out (it’s a personal thing).

There is 10% off most stuff at Power Meter City with the coupon / discount / promo code: the5krunner10. HOWEVER It will not work for the Forerunner 935. Sorry – you get a 10% store credit for that instead. That will be at list-price everywhere for some time, plus Garmin sternly frown upon discounting in any case while products are under MAP.

I will update this post with links to Amazon and with links in the UK as they surface. It looks like Garmin may have been bumped into an early release as too much information was leaking out before the official date. Maybe.

For other countries please click on the flags (top right) there will be links there to the Forerunner 935 soon.


power meter city

10% Discount Coupon ‘the5krunner10’ or 10% store credit with Garmin


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Any info/wild guess on when the FR 935 MAP will be over ? Even though, any discount after this MAP would probably stay in the 10-15% off range.
I’m personally sadly guessing towards the end of the tri season.

I was just planning on updating my (very) old watch with the 935 + tri belt + maybe stryd. So a rather large expense 😛