SAM Stole Your KOM / QOM

stravaI was somewhat surprised to hear from STRAVA over the weekend that SAM stole my segment leadership performance on my ‘proper’ STRAVA account. I didn’t even know I had that  particular KOM/QOM. And it was up a hill.


I suppose you can’t miss what you never knew you had.

The only KOM/QOM that I’m bothered about is one that I have secretly held for quite some time on 1km or so of the London 2012 Olympic Bike Course. It’s on a very popular part of the route but I approach the segment at speed from a different and unusual angle to most people at the start of the segment. That probably gives me a quite a few seconds. Also it’s normally also quite busy with cars so I chose my segment-defining, wind-assisting moment carefully.

I’m generally fairly oblivious to segments especially when they annoyingly and continuously pop up on any new Garmin I happen to have. However I realised that my KOM/QOM was quite good initially on Garmin’s online segment thingy. So after that I made sure I loaded up and transferred across my other best historical performances up to my personal STRAVA account and then, of course, shared them with friends (but not the really good cyclist friends…just in case).

Once again I share this youtube video below “Hitler Stole My KOM”. It genuinely is VERY funny and worth a watch.

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