Ironman Journey – My Grandma’s Toenail

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Two posts in one title. You lucky people.

My granny’s new rear cassette just arrived. 11-32T. I don’t think I’ve ever had such a massive ring on my TTs rear end.

the one on my MTB is probably even smaller than this one. Actually it may well even be the exact same cassette…I didn’t check. It looks massive.

I think there’s a “hill” on the IM Bolton at a tad over 10%. anyway, in a quest to maintain a constant cadence and stay in the seat for 100+ miles I’m going to try this out. I tried out smaller cranks and liked them but had a bit of a BePro issue (see this review on the WatTeam PM) with those, so that’s not an option. I could also have tried a smaller inner front chain ring but that would probably involve taking off the whole crank-axle malarkey, so I’m not doing that unless I have to. And then my front gears wouldn’t work either (they just wouldn’t even though they should).

Is my chain long enough? Dunno. Soon find out. It should be nicely stretched after several years of use anyway 😉

Back to the toenail. I just came back from my first run with STRYD on the Garmin 935 (more fascinating insights to follow…maybe) as well as a GPS test on the latter. I had previously, carefully crafted my ingrowing toenail to medical perfection. I also carefully wore these mini latex/silicone toe condoms from years ago. But all to no avail. The toenail is off. The blister I never knew I had is also off. Incidentally I also had a sister I never knew I had, until recently, but that’s a whole new story. I’d also just ordered some Injinji running socks but they aren’t here yet – they keep the toes separate and reduce friction/blisters apparently.

I always heard that lost toenails really hurt? Mine doesn’t.


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Lost toenail doesn’t hurt all the time, I’m regularly losing one, and I don’t even notice anymore.
Just ordered a stryd yesterday, my friends are having fun at me cause they don’t see how anything could compute power without strain gauge. Well I have no idea either, but your different posts convinced me I should try.
I made so much progress with my bike powermeter, I want to see how I can work on my run with this.
Have fun at Bolton. And remember, on a long course you’ll have ups and downs, not only on the course but in your mind as well, so when you feel down, don’t quit, an up will come soon enough!