Ironman Journey : All over bar the racing…almost

This weekend just finished was nice and ‘easy’ with ‘only’ about 6.5 hours of training. Although the taper started last week the training influence curve is still positive for a few more days, so I reckon that there is still a little bit of beneficial training to be had.

This weekend was a race-kit testing weekend amongst other things. This essentially boiled down to wearing some fancy kit and riding a fancy bike.

I was finally trying to swim the full 3.8k in a lake and got there late on Saturday morning so I only managed 3.2k before it closed. grrr. I was quite a bit slower than I thought I would be despite feeling good…like MINUTES slower than last year. Not sure why. I was trying out my race wetsuit with my race tri-suit underneath. The wetsuit felt a bit tight now I’m all muscled-up. Maybe that was it?? I’ll have to re-do that 3.8k swim session on Wednesday with an older wetsuit and see what happens.

I also used the same tri-suit for a 2 hour run later in the day following on from a sneaky 45 minute bike to get my tri-juices flowing. I got a bit of chaffing around the armpit area by the end of it all. That chaffing was either from the run or the swim+run chaffing combined. Either way that’s not good. I might have to resort to my GB Age Group tri-suit – just kidding that WOULD be embarrassing and it hasn’t got back pockets either.

The run was really good in terms of feel & my actual running performance. I managed my standard route quite a bit quicker than I normally do (whilst still being aerobic). Either the taper is working or it was the beetroot juice and caffeine. Happy. Happy.

The negative side of running in a trisuit around you locality is that you look like a bit of an idiot and attract unwanted attention of many kinds. I started off imagining myself as Javier Gomez (don’t ask) but as the abuse followed I began to feel more like Lance Armstrong. I’m not doing that again in a hurry. #lycrafail

Cycling on Sunday was a solitary 3 hour affair around Richmond Park in aero-race super-mode. That was my race bike and race clothing as I’ve already alluded to. I even drove the bike to the park so that I could simulate a refuelling stop or two from the boot of the car every other lap. I still haven’t got the hydrating right. I’m definitely not dinking enough but when I drink more, nature calls. How I hydrate *will* pretty much extend to 100+ miles but then I’ll be stuffed for the 26.2 that follows. #bitofaworry. Fuelling is probably Ok and being in aero for >90% of the time is probably Ok too, I’ve always found that vaguely comfortable.

Gearing is probably NOT Ok and I cannot spin up hills sufficiently well to stay in Z2 without a lower gear. I have changed the rear cassette and I can’t just change to a smaller inner front ring without changing the bigger front ring as well – the physical drop between the two would probably be too much. So that would leave the option of shorter cranks (which I quite liked when I recently used the WatTeam Powerbeat) but that’s not going to happen either. #mash #smash #grind. I don’t mind doing the grinding but that necessarily, for me, takes me into Z4 which I had planned to avoid as much as possible on race day.

I have decided against a silly TT aero-helmet (I do have one or two) and used my S-Works Evade helmet. Which I like. It is relatively good at cooling and I’ve no idea how aero it really is. The problem that I have with it, that I’ve never had with other helmets, is that it seems to direct the insects as well as the air onto my head. I got stung as a result yesterday. grrrrrr. I’ve had insects in it once a month whereas every other helmet it’s probably once EVER. #wierdbutplausible.

In other news I might have got my hands on a pair of Mavic CXR 60 (60mm), that extra 1cm might make all the difference over my existing wheels. I do have the Zip option as well but I don’t get on well with their disc. #undecided

The phone was also getting good usage as I’ve just phoned up Mr Beet-It to get my stash of the purple magic sufficiently replenished. I’m planning on one a day for a week or so prior to the event.

Does anyone know if it has a half life like caffeine? ie how should it be consumed during an Ironman, if at all? Otherwise the default would be 2 at the start.

Garmin 935 STRYD
The beating heart of my shoe

Mr Garmin was also ever-present. It looks like I am doing the IM with the 935 and with the 820. In the likely event of an 820 fail I have the 935. In the likely event of 935 power dropouts I have the 820. Perfect failsafe strategy #Maybe. FWIW The 935 *IS* dropping power readings from my BePro pedals (even in extra power transmission mode) whereas the 820 picks up the power perfectly. #fenixfail

And, yes, I have just discovered hashtag humour. #lightheartedness

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2 thoughts on “Ironman Journey : All over bar the racing…almost

  1. Have you measured your fluid use for each event?
    I burn about a litre an hour for a run and 800ml on the bike at race pace, but i can’t put in more than a 750ml bottle before i have had too much.
    So i’m 250ml difficient per hour, which is fine for a 3 hour marathon, not so much for anything further…

    Also, i absorb water much more easily than any of the energy drinks, so i avoid those.

    I also found the ZipVit gels helped, since i didn’t have to use as many leaving more time to sip the water down.

    1. am similar to you over the shorter events 1l/hr. not sure over HIM/IM distance prob 750ml.
      I don’t absorb water unless I sip it. otherwise goes straight through
      salt seems to aid absorption for me

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