Polar V810 / V850 / V900 | for 2018 |

New Polar V800 Strap Colours

The V810 (V850, V900) replacement for Polar’s successful V800 triathlon watch has been semi-confirmed for Spring 2018 by Stan Brajer, SVP Sales and Marketing (Polar, US)

Source: Interview at http://www.babbittville.com/radio/ just after 11 minutes

However my best guess, as of 21Jan2018, and based on various rumours, is that this date will likely slip. Maybe to Q2 or beyond. If Polar are not in a position to ship by May 2018 then it will be more than likely that the announcement will then not be until approx September 2018. release dates tend to be around the start of the racing season (spring) or spending season (Christmas!). Some rumours also suggest that, perhaps, you should not expect the obvious.

Polar strategist, Suvilaasko, is now on record as saying “We definitely see that space is going to be active going forward” when talking about the mid-range Polar M600 AndroidWear smartwatch. So Polar may be working on a mid-range running watch as well as a tri watch.

Edit: Source Wareable.com


I think it will be reasonable to expect a high-res colour screen and 6-LED oHR on an updated V800. But what else? thoughts (here) and below if you want to comment. They key unknown is whether Polar are merely updating the V800 with a few components, like they have done with the M430, or if they are re-inventing the watch eg including ANT+

Polar 2018 Strategy Looks Good? – A370, M460, M430, H10…V660? V810?




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Well, it’s a year Garmin has to really retain my interest, otherwise Polar might have my money next year. Currently I have the forerunner 935 and it is beyond a shadow of a doubt the single best watch I have ever owned by Garmin (and i’m upwards to watch 8 in about 3 years time now). If the V810 is the superior watch though, gonna go there.

I’ve already stated how much I like Polar’s ecosystem, match that with a really sleek looking watch that outperforms Garmin and i’m in.


again almost a year to wait, i think i´ll go with 935, enough waiting for you guys@Polar

Andrey Nikanorov (@nikanorov)

Spring 2018? They are really kidding. It is good that I decided to stop on F5X currently.


Once upon a time Polar released V800 before M400. Obviously M400 was a massive success. Nowadays they launched M430 first. In what way will this influence the expected sale to an V8xx?
My expectations are that the V8xx is much more than just an “advanced” M430 because “yesterday” the M400 was the “little brother” of V800. Today the M430 is not anymore a derivated product of anything.


Maybe Polar use Sunto strategy and will release 2 or 3 V900 versions: Tri, Mountain, Explore (?) etc.


That would be great !
I would love a few mm slimmer watch without a barometric altimeter. Fine with GPS altitude.
Or with little bit less battery life. 10-12h 1s sampling is fine for most disciplines.
And something that can be worn at the office (similar to V800 all black).