PowerPod BLE (Dual) Version & An Announcement?

Velocomp PowerPod BLE

One of 2015-7’s biggest surprises was the PowerPod ‘opposing force’ power meter. It sold really well and there are lots of happy customers being given a quick and cheap inroad into cycling with power.

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The dual-band version was announced in Q3.2016 and I seem to remember it was hard to get your hands on one at the time. I wasn’t particularly focussing on getting hold of one but, hey!, now I have one 9 MONTHS later. Cool. I had to borrow  the ANT+ one from a mate last year for the review, so perhaps now I can devote a little more time to PowerPod this time around. BLE obviously comes in handy when playing with STRAVA, Polar and Suunto.

Anyway, you can now quite easily get your hands on one and with a powermetercity discount you should be paying under US$300 for the base BLE/ANT+ model.

BUT of particular interest to me are a few comments here and there from Velocomp suggesting that something interesting could soon be announced. That ‘something interesting‘ is likely to be around using the PowerPod to tweak your aero position in real-time (I don’t KNOW that for sure)

Gadget Logic: You already have another power meter. You have a Powerpod as well and the Powerpod takes into account your riding position . If you change your riding position then the PowerPod’s power reading might deviate from the otherwise ‘correctly’ calibrated power reading. Well, if you also have the ‘correct’ power from your other power meter then you can track that deviation between the two. There’s probably some fiendish maths involved but the difference equates to your drag. So IF YOU CAN SEE THAT IN REAL TIME then you can instantly see the effects of slight positional changes on your CdA. That’s the theory anyway. Sounds good to me.

So the key thing that MIGHT realise could be some form of smart phone app of CIQ app that compares the power reading from two sources. I’m not quite sure how two ANT+ power streams would be handled. Then again, I don’t have to code it.

When I consider the amount of time I have ‘invested’ in researching the aeroness of wheels and rolling resistance of tyres I reflect that power losses from drag on my body are probably vastly greater. Furthermore, other than buying a few silly bits of lycra and a pointy helmet, I’ve not really spent as much time as I should in my aero-nerd mode. Maybe that time will come soon?



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    Today I’ve noticed that ProBikeKit (UK) have it on sale for £227.59. That’s now very close to what Stryd running power meter costs. Nice times for the data hungry

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