Garmin Performance Condition – throughout your exercise and in GC afterwards

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Here’s one of the data fields on the 935 that I had overlooked for various reasons although I did cover it a little (here) on the new Firstbeat features. You can find it in on your device under ‘other fields’ along with other gems such as ‘battery status’..

The Performance condition field is actually updated continuously throughout your run/ride and the numbers, for sure, go through to Garmin Connect (GC) from both the 935 and Edge 820. Nice. This chart clearly shows that info in GC.

I think the fact that it is updated throughout your workout is key to know.


There have been several times when it flashes up “Performance condition +1; Fair” after my first km or so and I’ve thought ‘Oh, that’s a bit rubbish (of me), I was hoping I was better recovered than that‘.. Maybe that low reading was even slightly demotivating for me on those occasions? Well now I now that the Garmin/firstbeat interpretation of my performance condition can actually change and rate me higher as the exercise progresses.

Now you know.

On the particular ride in question from the GC chart above. I do distinctly remember feeling a bit rough for the first hour or so and then feeling better as I ‘warmed up’. Maybe it just takes me a lot longer to get going these days? Bodes well for the ironman I guess but not for my next parkrun 🙁 Maybe I’ll jog there via the long route 🙂




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Doing some hills the performance conditions on my 630 flashed a -5…. ‘nough said….


I find Perf. Cond. quite interesting “to work with”. Sometimes I start with a lower value (not fully recovered from day’s before session), so I do not push hard… after a while (full “warmup”) of ~30-60′ the value gets better. Or… strong heat, when HR is higher then under cool conditions. Or with intervals… find it very interesting to have an eye on this value, so I decide if I’m going for another round or nor.