Injinji Running Socks – Finally curing the running socks debacle

Injinji Running Socks – Performance 2.0 and the Vuelio Blog Premier League

I’ve entered the Premier League of blogs as well as buying a new and exciting pair of Injinji Running socks to prevent blisters.

Injinji running Socks review
Injinji Running Socks – Awesome

Yes it’s official, has finally hit the top 50 endurance sport blogs in SW London. Fame at last.

I just snuck in ahead of “the vegan beauty review” at #49.

Actually, being serious, it’s for the Top50 UK blogs and I’m at #43. Yay!

Thank you dear readers for helping me get to finally achieve fame and fortune…well partial fame, I suppose. Although I’m not quite sure how a supposedly anonymous person can be famous but there we go.

Although I was a little miffed that the excellent // beat me and came in at #41. That IS a good sports blog and worth a visit. It’s not totally my thing but if you are interested in road cycling races and, more particularly in detailed talks through the intricacies of the Grand Tours then that IS the place to go. There are lots of people there who know what they are talking about. For example currently every single Stage of the TdF is previewed in some detail. So if you are about to go out for a drink with your cycling buddies you’d visit that site first and revise some topical cycling-related issue and then go and impress your friends with your new-found knowledge.

Back to the fame and fortune. There really is no ‘fortune’ to be made at this level – this is where Mr Rainmaker chips in and smiles…there IS one to be made at his level. I discuss that in a bit more detail (here), if you are interested, the linked-article can be summarised thus “It’s easy to: write a blog; get a free pair of socks; and waste lots of time“.


  • Millions of views = pocket money
  • Tens of millions of views = small fortune
  • Any number of views on a subject you love = happiness, #priceless

Either way, it leads me nicely into that pair of socks:

Injinji Running Socks - Awesome
Injinji Running Socks – Awesome

Firstly you will note that I didn’t get a free pair of socks and paid for them. Sigh. I’ve been doing a lot of running recently and when I regularly go over about 95 minutes/day I seem to lose toe nails and get blisters. so I turned to Injinji’s ‘Performance ToeSocks’. These babies are like gloves for your feet and you can wear them underneath another pair. They work in the sense that I still have my remaining 9 toenails and haven’t had any blisters for a while. I would love to wear them for the Ironman this weekend but they take at least 60 seconds to get on. so that probably isn’t going to happen.

PS I have really weird toes and they still fit.

PPS: I did wear them for the Ironman. They did take 1 minute to get on in T1. No blisters.

Below is a test for the new Amazon ‘one link’ functionality. So if you are my Canadian reader the first two Amazon banners below would be the same and from But as you can see they are probably not. Loving the IT.

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  1. Congratulations! I only discovered your blog this year and love reading it. Well deserved.

    Interesting about running over 90 mins – I’ve never experienced it, thankfully!

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