Pacing Wristbands for 5K, 10K, Half and Full Marathon runners

pacebandsThis seems like a good idea. Not quite for me but I know some of you will love these bands from this startup:

Author: Ben Sharp ( exists to offer runners an effective, affordable pacing solution, delivered to your door with minimum hassle.

Pacebands are simple, disposable wristbands which list the time at which you should pass each mile or kilometre marker of your chosen distance, in order to meet your target time. Unlike an online pace calculator, Pacebands are made from durable Tyvek on a bright yellow background. Fixed into a wristband with a sticky tab, they are designed to be used in a single event, and will withstand the blood, sweat and tears of hard racing in all weather conditions.

I am a keen runner myself and started out of pure frustration: most races in the UK, even those with thousands of entrants, offer no pacing solution for the majority of runners. As my Girlfriend was approaching her first Half-Marathon we couldn’t find anything online that she could order to put her mind at ease over pacing, and help prepare better. We wanted a solution stronger, clearer and easier than a DIY printout, without the expense of a GPS watch.

All you need is a basic sports watch/timer and a Paceband, and you can easily adjust your effort to ensure you run an evenly paced race, therefore giving yourself the best chance of meeting your goals in the races you’ve trained long and hard for.

Simply visit the Shop section of our website, select your race distance, and add your target times to the basket.

We’re just starting out, but have a genuine interest in helping you reach your goals, and improving the service we offer. Give us a try! We’ll get in touch with the first three UK runners to comment below with their email address, next race distance, and target time, and send out a couple of Pacebands free of charge to help you on your way!

If you like what we do, why not also visit our Facebook page.

Best of luck to everyone training and racing in 2017 and beyond!

Ben Sharp (



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