What’s My FTP? Garmin CIQ APP From XERT

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XERT make several clever Garmin CIQ apps/data fields and they just come out with another one.

It’s cleverly entitled “What’s My FTP”

I occasionally witter on to people who are half-listening about there not being the need to do an FTP test unless you really want to. XERT have approached this differently to how I calculate my FTP but nevertheless it looks cool and will undoubtedly appeal to those of you who don’t want to do a 6-weekly maximal test.

Link to XERT CIQ data field (here).

Link to more info on it from XERT (here) on their blog post where they explain how the data field works. It really looks more like real-time Critical Power estimation but well worth a read even if you’ll never download the app.

XERT apps are from @BARONBIOSYS. They have other interesting data fields such as ‘time-to-exhaustionand splits of your fat vs. carbs usage. They also have rather clever micro-adaptive power workouts as well as an interesting online dashboard which, similarly to the STRYD one, indicates the appropriateness of the kind of training you are achieving compared to the kind you should be doing for your particular discipline. XERT might even work with running power data…never tried it myself.

Some of that stuff requires a fee but the CP/FTP data field is free. Cool.

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Tried using it with Stryd…doesn’t work. Started at 0 and went right to 100 and never moved for the whole run.