Garmin Edge 1030 + Vector 3 – Pictures & Info Emerge

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GPSRUMORS have had some info posted on the impending Vector 3 and Edge 1030 and the images here are hosted on that site. If they are removed from that site they will disappear from this site at the same time.

The pod has gone from the Vector 3 though which is a potentially good move. And the reader would have to assume a AAA battery in the spindle.

My thoughts & speculation (here) still seem vaguely sensible although you will see that we look set for another potential touchscreen debacle with the 1030 – look! only 2 buttons. Unsurprisingly there are the proprietary ADVANCED cycling dynamics (as well as the regular cycling dynamics) and lots of the new FIRSTBEAT stuff on recovery, TL and training status seem to have made their way through too.

Popularity derived routing looks interesting, providing it’s more than “Where’s my nearest cycle lane”


You’ll have to click the GPSRUMORS link to read and see more although 9 August (next week) looks like the formal announcement date. NOT the availability date.

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Stuart Myatt

Any ideas on prices for both am in the market for a new meter and head unit and if they are competitive I’d like them both


800 would be cheap for the vectors think the originals were a grand plus when they came out. Garmin things always work better together.

Stuart Myatt

I wonder if there will be enough new features in the v3 to pluck for them or go with the v2 which will come down in price? Would be interesting what additional cycling dynamics they could possibly add really


What makes you think they will get released on the 9th?


I’m voting against release on the 9th (though Garmin does nearly always release Wednesday mornings). Reason in my crystal ball is DCRainmaker who I’m 99% sure is testing the 1030 under NDA probably wouldn’t schedule his big 24 hours of giveaways in the middle of Garmin’s biggest 2017 cycling release. Maybe the 15th or 23rd right before or during Vuelta, but before Eurobike to get their news covered.

Stuart Myatt

damn i was really looking forward to a launch today.


So is that a today release then? Ha ha


Oh well fingers crossed for a release this week

Jeff F

Tomorrow is a Wednesday. Fingers crossed too…


Doesn’t look like it. Would be nice if it’s out in the uk before end of the cycling season


Ha ha. Been holding out on buying a new machine as mine is knackered.


Any rumours on a possible release this week?


Just a quick thought on vector 3: if the battery (assuming a AAA one) is located in the pedal spindle, than where could the string gauge possibly be?


First Look, Unboxing, and getting…