MIO Cyclo 505HC - Cycling Navigation Review
MIO Cyclo 505HC – Cycling Navigation Review

There is an issue with the latest version of Windows and how it work with MIO CYCLO products. I assume it equally affects MAGELLAN users too.

You need to open CYCLOAGENT and upgrade to v2.2.13.1 – or later.

Attach your cyclo unit.

If there is an upgrade tot he firmware; do the upgrade.

If there is no connection available (this is the bug) then you need to perform the exact same firmware update on a PC with an older windows version.


But annoying.


—————— Original Info Below —————————————

Windows 10 Creators Update (V1703) connection issue
Dear Mio Cyclo User,
Please be advised that there is a connection issue between our Cyclo devices and the new Windows 10 Creators 1703 update, meaning that your Cyclo device will not be recognised. If you are considering upgrading to the new Windows Creators update, please update your Cyclo first to avoid any connection issues.

The Cyclo update will be offered via CycloAgent ( and will include:

• OS image fix for Windows 10 Creators
• New ‘Map Management’ feature for storage space management

This update can only be installed if you have not yet upgraded your PC to Windows 10 Creators version 1703, or if you have rolled back. Alternatively, please access another PC which isn’t running Windows 10 Creators 1703 to install the update.

Update installation instructions:

1.Connect your device to a PC and open Cyclo Agent.
2.Accept any updates offered.
3.If you see the message ‘insufficient memory’, press ‘OK’ and go to the ‘Map
4.Select countries to remove from your device which aren’t in use to free up space
for the update.
5. Select ‘Install’ to install the update.


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5 thoughts on “MAGELLAN // MIO CYCLO Users – *HEADS UP*

  1. Like many, I had the issue with my C505 not being recognized after the Creator update.

    I rolled the update back, and installed the latest version of Cyclo Agent. Was able to update my 505. One problem, though. Although the software did update, the OS image did not. Still unable to get my Cyclo to show the OS image version necessary to be recognized by Win10 Creators.

    I went through all the necessary steps properly, twice.

    The Cyclo is a decent unit, but what it boils down to with any cycling GPS is post sale support. Support for the Cyclo units is just about useless. Very, very infrequent and sporadic updates, if at all. I totally recommend buying a unit that has better factory support. My Garmin isn’t perfect, but at least there is some semblance of support over the long term, and an online community / user base about 100 times as large as the Cyclo base…so help is much easier to obtain when needed.

    Thumbs down on the 505 due to very weak support.

    1. fair points.
      I’ve not updated my 505. I tried but have the Creator update already installed!
      I was probably going to install cyclo agent on another pc and try their at some point. hopefully that would work

      1. I was able to roll back the Creator update on one of my PCs. So I’m still in business with the Cyclo. I notice, though, that Win 10 makes it very hard to avoid updates. Periodically, the computer will give me the option to sleep or shut down and update. No option to shut down and not update. If I catch it in time, I can roll back the automated update, but I think once a certain grace period expires, you’re toast. I’ll eventually forget and get stuck with Creator.

        I’m thinking a Wahoo unit of some type will be my next cycling GPS. There seems to be a substantial base of people using those, which means some level of community should exist for a while. For whatever reason, the Cyclo 505 just never really caught on, so it’s a touch like owning a Betamax video player once VHS came out at this point. You’re in an ever shrinking minority.

      2. yep. PITA.
        505 when released was pretty awesome. it’s pretty feature-full even now. I still use it from time to time…eg better than edge820 for nav
        wahoo is good and different. the immediate thing that jumps out is that it is NOT underpowered. garmin and cyclo you could argue are underpowered.

  2. HOLY COW. I think they’ve fixed the issue. Someone at Magellan still cares. Amazing. My Fenix started acting wonky, I think the battery is shot. I powered up the Cyclo just for the heck of it, and an update was waiting. Installed it, can see the device on my Win 10 PC. Woo hoo. There is hope. Figured I owed it to Magellan to post this, as I haven’t exactly been a cheerleader for them in the past.

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