FITBIT – the end approaches?

With some leaked images from FITBIT about their upcoming ‘Super Wearable’ we might suspect, by looking them, that the end is nigh. (Image Source: yahoo finance)

Fitbit is not as dominant as it once was. Many new entrants are attacking from all sides. The low-end of the tracker-market looks flaky (from a profit and risk perspective) and the higher-end sports-appropriate watches have to deal with many established and competent players.

Fitbit seem to me to be going for the aesthetics of the AppleWatch2 market. Which is reasonable as it is a large and potentially profitable market.

My assumption would be that they are building a watch almost from scratch AND are building an app infrastructure to support that … almost from scratch (via the Pebble staff acquisition). That sounds risky to me. From what I can gather they DO have a relatively loyal and happy customer base who may have a higher inclination to upgrade than found in other (non-Apple) brands. So that might offset some of that risk.


But these leaked images don’t look quite right to me (above and below). Nice, probably photoshopped, screen but it ain’t THAT pretty.

I have a FITBIT SURGE in front of me now (nice device, nice app/web ecosystem) and also shown below. Take a look

The existing CHARGE

and below is an image of the FITBIT BLAZE. The newly leaked one looks a bit like those two combined doesn’t it? and it certainly doesn’t shirk the ‘meh’ factor let alone achieve the WOW factor.

the existing BLAZE

The new Fitbit is Ok-looking I guess. But even with my general Apple2 antipathy I have to say that I would rather wear the Apple 2 247 than the son-of-a-pseudo-BLAZE-SURGE match made in tech-land.

Then we come to the other recently announced leak (sigh) from Garmin with the Vivoactive 3. Most 247 watches are round for a reason. That’s what most people like (I personally prefer a rectangular sports watch)

Garmin Vivoactive 3


So the new FITBIT is uglier than the Apple 2 and definitely not as round as the boringly pretty Garmin Vivoactive 3!! And it’s using an app ecosystem that’s new. OK it has a good data viewing/analysis ecosystem on its existing web/app devices. But…

That’s an interesting concoction BUT NOT a recipe for success.

So, as I say, “the end is nigh.” Or it could be.

Then again people have been saying that phrase for centuries! and then again I do hope FITBIT get lucky. There is SO much other cheap, rubbish tat out there that Fitbit deserve to do well as they do produce generally good products.

and that’s not even mentioning AndroidWear2….

2 thoughts on “FITBIT – the end approaches?

  1. I think you confused the “Charge” with the “Surge” because that is what is in that picture.

    Everything else I agree with you, at this point fitbit is super late to the app market that instead of trying to make a go at it for themselves, they should have tethered themselves to either the android market or the apple store (or both!). Unless this new watch is a game changer under the hood (we’re talking all the goodies of a smartwatch with the soft/hardware of a upper-middle tier Garmin product (think vivoactive hr or forerunner 735xt/935) included, I agree that Fitbit will go down with a whimper.

    And it’s a shame because for all there mediocrity in the last few years, they still had a solid foundation, they just never went beyond the foundation. The one time they did: the Surge, was/is a really good watch.

    • yep
      charge, blaze, surge, splurge, merge
      vivoactive, vivo-jr, vivosmart, vivotheotherone
      fenix, fenix 2, fenix 3, fenix 5 … ok that one was interesting for 30 minutes.

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