BSX LVL – Delays, investment and some angry backers

lvl-band-onelvl-bsx-bsxinsight-insightMy last update was that LVL hydration sensors were in ‘alpha’ round about now and that the data that had been produced so far has been good.

A recent update seems to now be setting a schedule for one year hence (2018).

There also seems to be a round of investment from Samsung and that is prompting/paying for a re-design.

I guess these things happen. But it’s a bit disappointing.

And there are quite a few backers who share that disappointment.

I’d be interested in any more info or thoughts anyone can share below:

The positive-thinking person in me would expect that Samsung saw a great global potential for this device (and I would agree with that) but wanted it exactly right, perhaps so that they could then licence (or acquire) the tech for their own-branded devices.


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10 thoughts on “BSX LVL – Delays, investment and some angry backers

  1. My pragmatic view is that some updates were disingenuous and the $50k target woefully short of a realistic budget. But otherwise much of what I read is common in product development. Win some lose some, such is life.

      1. Thanks. (I aimed for a “pun-ish” comment. But, as I’m not a native english speaker, I wasn’t sure if I #gtd.)

        And after LVL and BRTH we need “SHHT – next gen ?ty sensor”.

    1. Easy answer. $50k would have gotten then a basic product out the door that did hydration level. $1.8 million made them think they could develop a much better and well developed product to compete with the much much larger companies and they overshot. The basics are easy, the refinements are hard.

  2. Come on, don’t trying to fool me by showing a few pieces of circuit broads! The are totally crab! Sound like you don’t even have a clue to how to make the product work?! You kept delaying the project and buying time to steal more money from Samsung before you bankrupt and disappear from the world.


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