BSX LVL – Delays, investment and some angry backers

lvl-band-onelvl-bsx-bsxinsight-insightMy last update was that LVL hydration sensors were in ‘alpha’ round about now and that the data that had been produced so far has been good.

A recent update seems to now be setting a schedule for one year hence (2018).

There also seems to be a round of investment from Samsung and that is prompting/paying for a re-design.

I guess these things happen. But it’s a bit disappointing.

And there are quite a few backers who share that disappointment.

I’d be interested in any more info or thoughts anyone can share below:

The positive-thinking person in me would expect that Samsung saw a great global potential for this device (and I would agree with that) but wanted it exactly right, perhaps so that they could then licence (or acquire) the tech for their own-branded devices.

7 thoughts on “BSX LVL – Delays, investment and some angry backers

  1. My pragmatic view is that some updates were disingenuous and the $50k target woefully short of a realistic budget. But otherwise much of what I read is common in product development. Win some lose some, such is life.

      • Thanks. (I aimed for a “pun-ish” comment. But, as I’m not a native english speaker, I wasn’t sure if I #gtd.)

        And after LVL and BRTH we need “SHHT – next gen 💩ty sensor”.

    • Good question.
      I have some faith that this will turn out alright. Just on a much-delayed timescale. I don’t imagine Samsung will want to upset too many people.

    • Easy answer. $50k would have gotten then a basic product out the door that did hydration level. $1.8 million made them think they could develop a much better and well developed product to compete with the much much larger companies and they overshot. The basics are easy, the refinements are hard.

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