Garmin Edge 1030 – leaks and clever new charging (1/3)

OK. the 1030 is going to be released next week. Let’s play the game and publicise the planned leaks.

This is clever.

You fasten the 1030 onto a battery with the standard Garmin mount connector. Presumably that could also sit between your 1030 and your out-front mount. Maybe. Definately. let’s hope so.

HEADS UP: Headline Specs and FIRST OPINION here

I had imagined the 1030 would have two batteries – a small capacity ‘fallover’ battery (to keep it powered on whilst changing the main battery eg a coin cell) and a replaceable/rechargeable main battery that would pop in and out of the 1030. I was wondering how they would handle that mechanism and other related factors…looks like Garmin designers are far cleverer than me and realised that the spare battery didn’t need to go inside the device!!

2 more post (here) and (here) including a look at the box and the device itself (not in detail, images as source , below)

Clever. Interesting. But we, sort of, knew that anyway,

Source: @prestachuck

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9 thoughts on “Garmin Edge 1030 – leaks and clever new charging (1/3)

  1. I agree I think it will be getting released next week. I did predict this over at my site. However what is more interesting is the charging addition. I think this will be Garmin not releasing the touring version of the device and will be going for a all in one device with the extended battery feature

    1. yep. I think that feature will be a real winner.
      there are a notable number of people (occasionally me) who are hacked off with battery life and the option to stop and plug in a charging pack is nonsensical. this appears to be the solution.
      I imagine it will be an expensive solution…I guess Garmin should deserve to be rewarded for innovation (that works)

      1. The battery life on the edge 1000 is terrible and I am hoping the Edge 1030 is improved. I am also looking forward to the training status features, but what I hope Garmin do is allow it to be integrated for owners of the Fenix 5 series

      1. $899 is the bundle price. Like when the Fenix 5 came out I couldn’t justify upgrading my F3, I feel like this might be the same for my Edge 1000. We’ll see when you, and others get their hands on it and give some reviews.

      2. I suspect you will be right.
        will it make you faster? no
        might it get you there more efficiently…maybe.
        Might your failing eyesight be able to see the larger screen…yes!
        will the touchscreen actually work…let’s see.

      3. It’s funny you should mention failing eyesight because I have exactly that. And that is my main hope for the 1030, that they make the fonts bigger and the turn-by-turn arrows much larger. On the 1000 if you change from 2 data fields to 1 there is barely a change in font size.

        I never realized how finicky the touchscreen was until I started using my Powertap P1 pedals. Between calibrating the pedals through the Edge, and scrolling the data screens between power, speed, etc., it really is very unresponsive.

        If it wasn’t for the Varia radar, I think I would switch to the Element/Element Bolt.

  2. Love the Garmin. Regarding previous comment, it is very easy to create maps for any area of the world using OSM, open source maps. I‘ve cycled in Asia, Bhutan, Burma, Sri Lanka, Madagascar, Japan, Taiwan using OSM generated maps.

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