Garmin Edge 1030 – Unboxing…well a box (2/3)

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1030 box edge

Hey it’s a 1030 Edge box. What does it tell us? Nothing new but here we go again..

  • 20 hours battery (cool)
  • navigation alerts.
  • Performance metrics (as per F5)
  • Rider to rider messaging – handy when you are cycling along really close to fast moving cars.
  • Group Track – yeah, we knew that

HEADS UP: Headline Specs and FIRST OPINION here

  • Incident detection – alert your partner to start worrying.
  • Strava live segments – is this new? ….no.
  • Trendline popularity routing – aka get routed via the nearest cycle lane.
  • Bundle and non-bundle version
  • Comes with out-front mount and standard mount (2…blimey!!)
  • Cadence sensor, speed sensor, premium HRM (not a sub-standard HRM…a premium one)
  • Pre-loaded map. Really? On a high-end Edge? That’s a surprise…..err
  • touchscreen….oh dear
  • nearly forgot. it looks like this
  • Excited? If it’s all CPUd up and over-powered then, yes. otherwise, no.

Source: @prestachuk…probably works for Garmin in some way. Sigh. You don’t get 2 lots of Edge 1030 goodness by working for Exxon Mobil or the Government.

Here’s a picture of a MIO CYCLO 505HC from about 20 years ago. It’ll look like that…pretty much

Polar M450, Garmin Edge 820, Garmin Edge 810, MIO Cyclo 505HC
Polar M450, Edge 820, Edge 810, MIO Cyclo 505HC



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